Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been searching for some peace.
Searching outside myself,to make a lease.
The love I found I knew was dear,
instead I embraced all my fears.
The love I need to erase these fears,
resides deep inside of me.
A selfless love that encompasses, thee.
Sacred in its desire to show me the way.
A self love which is cherished and will help me break free.
Love adorned with sweet purity.
This is when I will truly sustain love with every sense of grace.
Where's Loves Purity

I am very in touch,
with my insecurities with love.
My lack of trust diminished,
each time a button is pressed.
I sense an unveiling; of my unbridled
My expectation of love so high that
it sets up a love for failure!
The gestures of love, tests me,
and tempts me.
This Viral Love creates want and
I blame others for not loving enough,
but this perfect love in my head does
not exist.
It is the love that already
exists that I need,
to embrace!
Let go of my fears, and feel whats there!
I am always been looking for this pure love
and in fact I am the one who needs to ensure
my love is pure.


All I do is hold my breath!
Waiting,wishing,and hoping!
I need you to embrace me!
I need you to forgive me!
You instead push away and avoid
what you do not like.
You want to let things be.
You know that hurts me.
In solitude and not
much grace, I try to
find my place.
I try again to find
my peace.
Love where do I find you?

My hurt is not gone,but I just want
to let go.
I lived in the tears,and inside the pain.
Now I made my way back again.
I feel stronger,yet my pain sneaks back again!
I do not know how you feel,cause all I can hear
is your sarcasm and pain.
You sometimes redicule me and do not believe me.
I wonder if I can ever find the love again.
In you, in someone else, or find it inside me instead.
Everytime you ignore me,I feel my abandonment over and over again.
I know I have caused you hurt and pushed you away.
My lesson I am learning is I to cause pain, when I push people away.
My pain is not greater, or any less minor.
I am searching for love by healing these pains.
I wonder now if love will now find its way.

You are slipping away,
like sand slipping through my fingertips.
You feel like a stranger to me.
You found your glory,and your vulnerability.
I think you may of forgot about me.
I want you to be in your joy
but make a little room for me.
Even in are search through the dark
you still would always find me.
Through difficulties and challenges
you still believed in me.
I need some time,just a little for
me. I see how passion can bleed into
bits of nothing.
All your passion is for succeeding.
I cry for our passion that is leaving.
I thought myself strong,now I am wondering!
I feel fragile and dismissed.
I know you are exhilarated and happy!
But somehow I think you have now abandoned me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Every person wants someone to
love them.
Without conditions with total
We have a deep desire to be supported,
to share our glory and our fears.
We hope to find a place that
we belong.
A soft place too fall.
I long for a love, that supports
where I belong.
That is full with grace,and alleviates
all my fears.
Embracing and unwaivering.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angel Blessings

She had grace,
She had a certain kind of light,
a gentle warmness,
a peace,
a person who was purely kind,
undeniable strength,
and clarity and will
perhaps a spirit of like minds.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have waited for you
for a lifetime.
Waiting for you to show up.
Waiting for you to find me.
Waiting for you too really love me.
I thought we had a sacred love!
A sacred trust.
But we forgot to be kind.
We forgot how to accept.
How to cherish and embrace.
We could not surrender.
We would not sacrifice.
We have are agendas,are baggage.
Are wills.
Where is the grace of love.
What happened to the sweet peace.
Nothing is left but a disheveled bond
and unbearable distrust.
A fractured love.

A beating heart.
A lover 's touch.
An angel's embrace.
A warm smile.
Fear to Faith.
Every moment embraced.
A hug from a child.
The love of a furry friend.
A majestic view.
Rhythm of the ocean.
The warmth of the sun.
A forest canopy.
A blessing from above.
A Love that runs deep.
True Peace.

Open heart

I relent,I find my faith.
I no longer want to struggle.
I do not want to beg you
or be let down.
I do not want someone who
is incapable of caring.
I want words that have deep
meaning and filled with action.
That is what brings sweet peace,
a heart that shares.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The test of Love

I feel like I am in battle.
All I want is peace.
I am tired of the anger I feel.
I know it takes two to break apart the love,
so your not all to blame.
Maybe if I let you be right
and let go of my anger and shame,
than we can blow out the flame.
Than maybe you will let me be.
I know that the freedom I seek will
really equal me missing you.

I just do not want to fight,
it is too hard.
I am not ready yet to let go
of my love..but you
have moved forward and I need
chance to do that to.

You have love for me, and are
scared to lose me completely.
Sometimes you have to let go
of love, set someone free, and
they may find their way back.
You have to have the trust, they will
come back to you.
Different and stronger.
You have a fear of losing me,
but right now their is nothing
left of me.
Our love has shifted, with fear and distrust.
Our love collided but it has become misguided.
I will always love you,but I can live with love
and not trust you.
I can not live joyfully when you do not trust me
enough to share with me.
Are wanting and desire is not strong enough
anymore to accept what we lack.

I am spent, not strong, not resilient
and lost.
I can not live wondering and not trusting
I wanted to feel safe and be invited into your
You are scared to be trapped but I would never
have path to find you.

I do not at this point know where to go.
I do not have desire to control you.
I have no energy to go looking for you.
If you wanted me to, I would however find you.
No more of energy will be spent fighting you,
blaming you, or escaping you.
Let's just find some peace.
Moving toward Peace for me

I let go of any outcome.
I choose to not worry anymore,
that you will go away.
At this point I feel our
I do not want games,worries,
or frustration.
I do not want to choose to
feel alone with someone.
I know I can smile even when my
heart is breaking.
I know I will not die if you do
not call me,email me or message me.
I know I have reacted to every hurt and
test,each time showing that I care, at the
same time attacking.
My every breath has been filled with consciousness,
my every hurt and test filled me with anxiety.
Love is not something that should hurt,
and friendship has it ups and downs but a friend
does not hurt someone intentionally.
I am not sure what your plan has been but if
you listened you would of never caused further
I will no longer waste a moment trying to figure
out, how connection like I thought we had , could
come to end.
Maybe I believed, that we both would see the light,
heal our hurts, and find our way.
But neither of us had the courage to find a better way.
So I will now let us be, and I choose to find a way for me.
I try to reach me.
Instead of holding on, you test me.
I guess I will never know when you
were honest and when it was just a game.
Maybe it was my lack of trust or
maybe it was you never gave me
a reason to trust.
Maybe we created a mirror where you
loved parts of me and I loved parts of you.
All I know is that it has been four years
or more, and now it does not mean much anymore.
It makes me sad that we both sets limits on love.
I can not see past your commitment issues,your misconstruded truths,
and limits to friendship.
Nor can you accept me for my desire for commitment, integrity
and openness.
We hold each other in bondage,in each others personal limitations.
Neither of us can move past are own capabilities.
Afterall when love is real you want to be more.
You try to continue and test me, but instead you have taught me how
to not care anymore.
I long for what might of been, but it was only my personal longing
and yours also.
We could of stayed friends if last Christmas you would of not changed
the rules and tested the limits and seen how far we might go.
Instead your left with woman who does not how to accept a man for a friend
with who she can not trust and would choose to hurt her instead.
If you want a loyal friend you never hurt them in the end.
I could of lived with friendship if you could of loved me enough
to know that my heart would break.
That my anger was awakened when you hurt me and made fun of the love I
had for youagain and again.
Although wrong, I attacked and found your set of buttons and
pushed straight ahead.
I have found that when man is just not capable of loving you,for who you are,and
you start to devalue who you are, that is not love.
To myself I finally need to be true, letting go is something I must do.
I do not know the outcome of what things will turn out to be, but for right now I must cherish myself instead of concentrating on you.
I would of continued put you first and lose myself, and forget about me.
In the end that is what I can thank you for, showing me that I need to love and trust myself once again.
In the end ,I know I cannot be patient, or loving enough to change someones mind.
I will try to find true love someday, acknowledge love lost, and even recognize a true love is not perfect. That individual pain sometimes suceed.
In the end we end up with nothing because we thought of are own needs instead of ours.

I am looking for my balance.
I do not want to close my heart
just because I was wrong in believing you.
I recognize that I have heart that is filled with passion,
hope, fragile momentum, and tenderness.
My heart also fills with anger when it is not shown due care.
My heart feels the ache of being left alone,when you have not chosen to be there.
I also can see that my fears smother my trust, and make me ache,
and finds its way to some degree of hate.
My heart can no longer long for something that will never grow and flourish, and become stronger.
My heart took a risk on you and my heart fears won, and broke down my trust in both you and me.
I recognize now that allowed myself to shatter into pieces and let go of my integrity, in hopes that you would finally love me.
I realize now that only thing that is left is, to let go.
I will never know your truth or what you wanted from me I thought it was love but now I feel it was only power over me.
To break my spirit and diminish my will.
You said you wanted peace and easy, yet you spent more time testing me and breaking me.
When you took away my peace, I took your peace, and we shattered piece by piece our connection.
Our Love and compassion, diminished, and finally nothing left for us to keep.

I let go of you to allow love in again.
I let go to find my belief in love again.
I let go of you to recconnect to my intuitive nature.
I let go of you because you remind me of my fears,
and insecurities.
I let go of you so I can no longer feel your rejection.
I let go of you because you have chosen a path that
can not include me.
I let go of my belief and the trust I once had for you,
cause I finally heard your truth.
I let go of you cause you did not value my truth enough
to embrace what you knew would hurt me.
I remove my belief in our connection,because I forgot to believe in myself
and only you.
I let you go because, I want to let go of my all fears that I can survive without you.
I let go so I can no longer deny, but accept what is true.
I let go because the outcome is not in my control.
I let you go,so I can find my way back again.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I created a vision.
An expression of myself.
All my dreams presented
to Universe in one place.
A manifestation of what
I want and what is important.
Things I keep putting off and
have not manifested.
I want to shine and want
things to change.
I trust that faith and practice,
will create a whirlwind of Bliss.
I am open and ready to embrace
what my soul has been waiting for.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Intoxicating like velvet smooth vodka.
Luscious and soothing like melted chocolate.
You lavish words of love!
You trace your fingers tips around my heart.
My tears fall when you embrace me.
Like a soft cloud, you catch my fall.

Your longing to lose yourself in my love.
You dream of the desire waiting inside me.
You thrive on the love that beats threw my veins.
You want to escape and align yourself in my subtle power.
You see a soul that reflects a passion you desire.

Each stroke latent with passion.
Each moment is like ecstasy.
You push deeper to find me to help me break free.
When you penetrate inside me my juices explode.
You cut through layers of pain and savour my soul.

You have been waiting for my ego to fall away.
Waiting so shallow and certain that I might expand my ways.
Your fantasies of me sharing another, presses you to push further, in your way.
You savour my juices and in fondness, you pray!
You know I will succumb to your passion and find my way.

You undress my fears and pleasure,and you trace your fingers in praise.
You savour my lips and devour my mouth in hope that I will play.
Devout I let you push deep inside with my legs opened wide.
With lust and devotion, an orgasm slips in the way.

With callous adoration you dive deep within.
You look in my eyes and and watch every move,hoping to capture my every view.
You savour my ways; and deep and loving devotion.
You hold me close and we both find our way.
With great revelry I loved you.
With great trust,I revealed my soul.
With vulnerability and tender rage my passion flowed.
With little restrain and open arms I fell in.

I thought you tender and guild-ed with gold.
A creation of my making,something I longed for deep inside my soul.
Like tender Burgundy blooms, my heart ravished you.
Quiet passion evoked ,a lasting tenderness and a burning rage.
My wounded heart thought, finally love, had blessed me.
Pure and intense desire, I thought I triumphed majestically.
Sanctified in desire,a holy mystery, I dove in passionately.
I wanted you to be the love I desired, instead you broke me,and
you underestimated the love I felt inside me.
A raging pain,divulging an unholy emptiness and breaking me.

Magnifying something I created, and love I thought would never end.
In you I trusted,I thought you would embrace me in the end.
In my solitude, with faith and un-abandoned tears,I start to find the
courage to release all my fears.
No longer will I let you evoke my anger,and I will let my heart find another.
In passion and in shame, I surrender, and I believe I will find love again.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Love me like you used too...

Your losing a part of me.
Piece by piece, I am falling away.
Each time you test me.
I start to fade away.
Like silk on a body, I am slipping away.
Your love is bent and distorted.
Like a soft melody.

Love is not meant to hurt or break you.
Love is meant to encompass you.
Love is place where you want to fall.
Where if your broken, you mend.

I thought love was simple.
Strong, bold, and invincible!
Love is not meant to be stained with tears and broken by fears.
Love should not shame you.
It should be tender and pure.
Contained with unleashed wildness where you surrender of all your pent up tears.
Fears melt away, like snow on a mountain.
Love is meant to wrap you up, and embrace you.
Tender and mild, it helps to sustain you.
Like a deep breath, and holy exhale.
Love tends to you and whispers with sweet caresses.
Like a Map,it helps you find your way.


Sunday, October 31, 2010


Like feet in muddy bog.
A body in quick sand.
Fear of being alone.
A relationship that has,
come to an end, and you stay there.
Years of grief, and you remain there.
Job disatisfaction.
Embracing only fear.
Choosing to worry.
A car trapped in a snow rut.
Like Crazy Glue.

Truth is amazing thing.
It elightens and can even hurt you.
It can pave a path to peace.
It can encourage you.
It can help you find your way.
It is always something you need
to hear,even if you do not want to hear it.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our tears are like footprints.
They are map to both joy and heartbreak.
They are an expression of relief.
They evaporate when we embrace peace.
The can reveal are pain, shame, and pleasure.

Tears are pure expression of our inner fluid
They leave salty imprints of divinity
and tragedy.
They pave a path of excavation of our pain
and bring clarity to the soul.
When tears errupt they manifest our
pain or pleasure to the outer world.

Whether tears of joy or tears of pain.
We share these tears with the world.
These teardrops pave a path to humanity.

Love Always

Waiting for love is
like waiting for rain in a drought.
We wait for it and it never comes.
If we recognized love we would find
love all around us.
Love is in the air we breathe.
In a smile of a stranger.
In the food we eat, made by loving hands.
You can feel it in the rhythm and words of song.
It can be found in kiss, in sweet words.

Love can be found in all that we touch.
It can be found deeply in all things.
Love is found in nature.
In the peace of a waterfall.
An embrace and comfort of tree.
At the edge of an ocean and its loving rythmic song.
At the top of mountain.
Looking into the valley.

Love can be found in those rare words "I love you."
But love can be found in a friend.
In your favorite pet.
In the beauty of long trip.
In the comfort of your home.
In a beautiful landscape.
Even in a windy day, when we feel free
Within a few kind words.
Under the stars and the from the warmth of sun.
In your faith.
Love surrounds us even when we feel unloved.
Because love always exist.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Being evolved may mean choosing
to be positive.
However evolving is about
the journey to
Positivity does not mean never
choosing to acknowledge
challenges, frustrations, and
Positivity is the ability to
find the positive spin to life's
We do not always go to
positive place, we breathe
and transform.
We acknowledge and express, and
discover the positive.
Positivity is journey.
Smile till you believe your
happy, does not always work.
One can not deny feelings
insecurities,and expect to embrace
the positive.
Truth sets you free and than you transform.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seperate and Apart

We all lose a piece of ourselves,
sometimes day by day.
We assume someone we love,will
extend out a helping hand,just
because we trust.
Instead we fall without a
lifeline, and the universe
sets us free.
The free fall continues; until
we choose to break free.

The Universe knows I am hurting,
adrift in my pain.
An angel sends a thread of hope,
to alleviate the drain.
You find all that you have to
count on is your courage and
a vice for your pain.
Than you find a shimmer
of hope, inside you, the
strength too maintain.

It does not come from an earthly
other,or playing the blaming game.
It comes from deep inside you,
a quite center, who holds your
balance and your heart, that
allows to admit your shame.
I know longer can blame
another for my empty heart,
my soul felt abandoned and
for now I am separated into

All must be forgiven,love and
kindness maintained, once
my soul becomes whole and true.
I will no longer become inivisible
but become a burning flame with
a constant light that will continue
and maintain.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Path of the Heart has nothing to do with Nostalgia-or with sentimement for these two things hold us back into what should have, what would have, or could been, or what always used to be.
When truth recked your day

There was a man who chose to be positive
above all things.
He said he vowed to be positive
to all that he should meet.
He would see the amazement of his world
no matter what the defeat.
Even when his love felt bad he told her
lets choose to feel only great.
To speak only of the positve.

In this vow he denied her to feel any kind of pain.
He denied her a journey to find peaceful place.
When she spoke about her troubles all he said,
was....Ok!and left her alone instead.
For her truth, was about upset his truly Amazing life.
This ever positive man revealed to his love,
his deep need to let her be.
He did not reveal compassion,
but a loss of love instead.
He would choose his amazing day,and leave
her to cry instead.
He would sooner leave her hanging, and leave her
feeling bad instead.

She never met a positive man who would, not
have chose courage to lend a helping hand.
She had never met a man who lacked compassion,
that he would avoid a very lost soul.
Instead she found a selfish man who would,
choose to stay positive, and would avoid an unhappy
I would sooner be lost and not positive, than to lose all of my compassion.
I want to maintain a graceful place, a place where I can sustain love.
Lost is just place, I want to be in a place of grace, not just in some positive place.

High on a mountian top

On a mountain top an alternate realm exits.
The air is purer and the energy is lighter.
One can see life in a new perspective.
A mountain can untrap you and evoke vision.
It can make you feel like your closer to god.
It can make you believe you are at one with the universe.
A mountain can make you rise up.
It can embrace you.
It can release you.
It can help you find peace.
My Seven Deadly Sins...

I show my pride when I think I can do it
all alone, when I compare
myself with others for what I lack.
Where is my humility for thyself.

I show my greed, when I want my fair share,
and when I forget someone else may need more.
Where is my generosity for myself, the compassion
rather than judgment for myself and others.

I show my envy when I look at others who have love
and more and I think how lucky they are.
My tears flow when I see what they have and
they do not recognize it.
I will seek the love that is patient and kind, and
recognize how I have been loved.

I show my wrath when others hurt me and
they say I can trust them, and than they
hurt me. Instead of being disappointed
I will show kindness. I will try to show them
patience and compassion, instead of wrath.

I will no longer choose lust
that will only suffocate, my soul.
I will seek love, not lust which is
out of proportion with my worth.

I show gluttony when I try to fill
up my soul with food, and pleasure,
instead of love. I will seek out faith
and temperance, to show me the way.

I will no longer accept my internal sloth.
I will not follow and accept these sins.
I will find my zeal in heart to
follow a god's command.
I will seek my spiritual senses and not be
condemned to these sins and slip into complacency.


Hope is something I am searching for.
Something to remind me I am not alone.
I feel lately that,
someone stripped my hope away.
It used to be that through all the
turmoil,I could always find hope.
Lately I feel separated, from my sense
of peace.
I feel let down!
I need someone to remind me that,goodness
Something to remind me that happiness ebbs and flows,
but peace is static.
I pray today my dreams, remind me I am
not alone.
That they transform my ability ,to find my hope.
I cry today,cause I do not know any hope.
I long for faith,something to hang onto.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A souls' fear

I feel Powerless.
I feel shame for how,
I let myself down.
I grieve that I still
choose things that
are less worthy than
what I deserve.
That I choose loves
that are not pure.
That I stay on path
where my heart
is still closed,
to reveal all that
I am meant to be.
I fear that I
will never align
myself well enough,
to find me and the
love that is meant to be.

I know longer want
to let my past hold
me back.
Nor do I want to be
afraid of the future
that waits.
I am finally ready for what life holds
for me.
An observation of love when broken

It is not peaceful to have someone in
your life you can not trust.
Someone who keeps you at bay.
Who envisions themselves as easy going.
However keeps there sense of control by
withholding what scares them,what they find hard,
and the things that make them truly who they are.
I have my own set of fears,insecurities,and challenges
that too sets me apart.
I find it more and more difficult to share myself
with someone who does not share with me.
I tend to want to close down when someone who shares less,
who sets limitations.
You can not make someone trust you, share with you, or believe in you.
You also can not make someone love you who does not want the same things
as you.
To find a love that works you have to share a similar values, you have too want
a similar path, a desire for commitment, and the ability too make them a priority.
I need someone who loves me in the same measures I love them.
Does not gage love on how well I love them,but that they love me simply because I am me.
I need someone understands me and attempts to meet my needs.
Someone who has sense home with me,and does run when things get hard.
Who confronts me head on, and has the sense to know I would be their when the chips fall and the knowledge to actually know what they want and to be brave enough to figure it out.
I need someone who is brave enough to share one love.


Monday, October 11, 2010


I am ready for real love, now.
Where were both brave an not afraid.
A love where we both know what is important.
Where we can share freely with ease.
Where we do not need to hide.
Where we know what the other holds important
and we both do not want to withold.

I do not need tests.
I do not want to have anymore regrets.
I want love, gentle and sweet.
Someone who gets that the time we spend
together is important and that takes work.
That knows that broken promises are
just as bad as lies.
That love has to go beyond a few words on MSN.

That love entails a vulnerability.
That love takes some work, beyond what is.
Love is not hide and seek, and avoidance.

does not include different rules
for one and not the other.

Love is unconditional when were both aligned
on the same path and plain.
When our acceptance and understanding
does not dismiss.
When our touch is somthing we cannot resist.

I do not want love where I wonder anymore.
I do not want a love I have to distrust.
I do not want a love that has limitations.
I do not want a love that is filled with lies.
I do not want a love that is filled with regret.
I need a love that makes sense.

I need love that goes beyond just words.
A love that is pure and peaceful.
A love not unjust.

When Love Falls

I hoped I would paint all
my anger and hurt on the page.
That I would breathe a sense of
peace into my mind.
That I would rediscover the feeling
of love.
All I feel is a sense of loss.

I wanted you to be strong enough
to ask for what you need.
Not to be filled with sense of sarcasm.
I wanted you go beyond testing me.
I just wanted you to want me.

I thought you knew me well enough,
to not want to hurt me.
That you had some sense love for me.
I hope your need to bring up another
was your sense of insecurity.
You could of just asked me if I still
wanted you.
Instead you asked me about someone else,
should I have asked about your unspoken
desire for others or your
roommate you do not trust.

The few minutes we talk you end up
hurting me,by saying I am dishing you.
Instead say what you really mean, instead
of testing me.
Love me, say you miss me.
Ask me for what you need
but do not keep breaking my heart.

Maybe your passion for me is gone.
And all your doing is holding on.
I know if you really loved me, are
love would be strong.

You confuse me how you really feel.
Sometimes love, sometimes friend, and sometimes foe.
I do not feel strong right now, to play any games.
I need someone who is strong, and wants to be there for me.
Who does not want to put me last.
Maybe it would be better just to let me go.

I thought Love would guide my way

I am looking for my inner map
to guide me.
I look in and out
without a doubt, in hope
I will find my way.
I have an inner knowing
that some kind of path exists,
to help me find away.
I thought you were my outer guide
leading me to a place to help me find my way .
To my demise I found you leading
me astray.
I thought your love a beacon, instead
I found storm.
I feel lost and very forlorn.
I am sad and confused, yet still I hold
on to an inner hope that I will find my way.
I hoped your love would be the guide, to
finally open my eyes.
Instead I found someone who appears to want to
hurt me ,in some way.
I wondered why you held on for so long, if you
did not care.
Was it some sorta sweet revenge?
All I wanted was your love
and instead I got someone who was afraid to be mine.
You always knew I needed more and not just a
You lead me to believe a lie.
Now I know why I have lost my way, cause you lead me astray.
A test perhaps?
What is sad that I am not the girls that hurt you...I am just girl
trying to find her way.I allowed myself to believe in love once
Now I know I lost my way, in the belief love would guide my way.
A soul's desire

I wish for a place
that is blessed with balance.
That is always touched with Harmony.
That sanctifies and embraces my
soul with great love and peace.

I used to believe that you would find
this place inside another soul.
That when two souls that collide
as if they are one, is where you would find
peace. However you find reflections of your soul,
its impurities, its triumphs, and its pain.

You realize what you find in your own soul
is what Begin's to really matter.
What you believed you would find in another
soul, a home, will be shattered.
We believe we will find ourselves in another,
but we get lost and find out how much
we do not really matter.

I felt you would treat
my soul with fragile grace.
Instead you mocked my soul
with such disgrace.
I cry sometimes the way you
handled my soul with so much haste.

I was sure you were searching for the
same things as me.
I realize now that I was nothing more
than free.
I really believed you had love for me.
But in the end you just started to exclude
I hoped you would finally really include me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unkind expressions of love

All I see is your shadow now.
It used to be kind of bliss.
Now it is something I somehow miss.
The few moments we talk makes me
somehow feel lost.
I feel like am talking to
to a stranger. It just feels

For some reason you choose
to not see the change.
You do not even care that I
am starting to pull away.
You appear happy that I no
longer ask for what I need.
Can you not feel me slipping away...

You think I am happy living a
I think you think loves means
never wanting and never giving.
The fact, is you think that I never
need anything.
Just makes me sad!
It makes me recognize,my sweet regret.
That I settled for something, and likely
something less.

The fact is you have become just
another man who makes me feel like,
I am something less.
I am filled with your empty words,
and heart felt lust.
You have made me realize today Love
is just a bust.

I bother less,to ever ask.
Cause when I when I do,
you make me feel nothing is true.
It has become such a chore,
to love someone who will never
give me more.
Who will always choose himself or
something else.

It is sad too me that you only
care that I am someone who you can
trust. That I am loyal and untouched.
You have so little care,that
I to need someone too,
who I can trust and would remain untouched.
Are you so devoid of care that
you do not realize your not the only
one who wants real love and trust.

You always want the truth!
However are you really
able to share that with me?
The truth of who you are
suppose to be.

You actually hurt me today!
No matter what you say!
You made me feel like you
never really listen to me.
You would run to whatever is better
or more important that fills your needs,
and leave me hanging.
I am sure that rates at the top list
as one of the expressions of love.

Today you made me wonder what
I should be grateful for.
I thought of the people
who showed me real love.
I wondered today why I could
recognize when real love showed up.
I guess maybe I must be so desperate
for love, that I would settle for man
who is not willing to really love me.

When love feels like a cage

Two men were sitting,speaking
of love transgressing.
I listened in my way,silently observing.
The man speaking, spoke
of feeling trapped.
He told his comrade she always
wants to know where I am at.
At work she calls me, to check how
I am and I silently want,to,condemn.
I feel smothered, he says, she always
wants to be together.
He says we tried therapy,to detain the stress.
However our life is just a mess.
I am tired, I confess.

I think to myself, how does love go so array.
How does a man and woman interpret love so
Love starts out non stop wanting.
Exciting, all hands on.
How does it go so amok and become so very stuck.

I at times when I was in love,
I was that woman who was stuck.
I wanted too know the man I loved.
I wanted to do things together just the same.
The man I loved became untamed.
He wanted less I wanted more, it to became an utter bore.

How does a man stop wanting?
How does woman become trusting?
At first the man loves the wanting,
and than it becomes very daunting.
All the woman wants is some,
affection and attention
she needs to know that her man
will choose her.
In the end he feels smothered and she
ends up being undiscovered.
Love now appears to be unravelling,
he wants something else
and she still is holding on.

I walked away from the men in dismay.
I wondered if he felt the same way?
Did I smother, when I hovered, when I begged
for something more.
Was I selfish, for wanting more?
No I am quite sure I deserved, the more.
I want the man who does not demand a life
completely separate from mine.
Who does not scare when I need a little bit more.
That time shared is not a quest, but just
an important request.
I wonder still how once was desire and love,
becomes something we just detest.

Where do I find You?

You taunt me,
It feels like hot oil on my flesh.
You reticule me, you do not savour me.
I want to embrace you!
I ask you to share,
instead you retreat,
like a turtle to its shell.
I feel you hiding,
and I feel you avoiding.
You some how do not think I know.
When I ask you about who you are
you think I am prying.
You think I should not ask, that I
should not know.
Am I so undeserving?
You think I pressure you,
that I need to know everything.
I just want too know something.
I wonder sometimes why you avoid
intimacy, the real truth.
The truth about why you hide yourself
away like a skeleton in a closet.
How come I do not matter enough, to show
me who you are?
Are we not suppose to take great risks for
the ones we love?
I guess it maybe that we take great risks
only for the people we are in love with
not for the ones we have love for.
All I know for sure is that I am not
sure you have the same kind of love
for me anymore.
I feel you are a meer ghost,haunting
and luring me into your false world of
I want more and yet seem to find less.
My flesh is starting to freeze from
all your coldness.
Your blanket of love has holes, tattered
promises filled with your own fears.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Excavation

Light can break through,
like periods of transition.
Like embers burning,in
an exhausted fire.
Rainbows igniting, after
a summers rain.
Like northern lights,
transforming on cold winters night.
Like love letting,
melting and dissolving.
Life changing, always excusing.
Shrinking and dying.
I am so very tired of trying.

Another kind of hysterical blindness

Love is Blind.

Love makes you believe in the impossible.
Love makes you manic with joy and hope.
Love makes you even believe in lies.
Love can make you let go of your values.
Love can make you give up your inhibitions.
Love can make you break a heart.
Love can push you into fear.
Thinking someone loves you sometimes makes you lose yourself.
An "I Love you" can allow you to give up yourself.

We often stumble into love.
Than sometimes you fall in
and sometimes fall out.
Sometimes love is real and true.
Sometimes you see things you want to see .
Some words are pure, and others are lies.

You can not make someone love you.
You can not expect to be jealous and keep love.
You can not rationalize a heart that loves more than one.
A heart can have love for many but often there is only one true love.
Love is just bizarre.
Love can make you push others away.
Love sometimes makes you crave and even brave.

There are those who love out of fear,because they can not love themselves.
There are those who love many, cause they can not trust one.
There are those who say they love many, just because, they can never find a love that is enough.
There are those who can not commit to anyone, so they hurt many.
Than there are those true few who know how to really love.
Also those who just want to be loved.

Who am I ask?
The one who can not trust.
The one too afraid, that she would seek out a fraud!
The one who chooses a love; that always rejects her
cause that is all she believes she deserves.
The one who chooses someone who denies her, hides from her,
continues to break her, and deflates her.
The one who settles for so little, when she has had so much more.

I am always looking and hoping for that one true love.
A love that lifts you,not with holding and unloving.
Not a love who pushes you away and is tired.
Not a love that is so selfish that will hurt the heart of another.
Not a love that is always testing and hesitating.
But kind love you know is true.

Karma sage

She was losing her faith.
She was losing every sense of beauty.
She was coming undone,losing all control.
She can not breath.
She is suffocating in the pain.
She is free falling into the depths of despair.
She hopes she will die.
She is basking in the pain and the dying.
Dying is her only hope!

She escapes into sleep.
To avoid the pain of her life.
She tries to numb the pain
with meds,with things she remembered that
Nothing works...

Her every breath is struggle.
Less and less there is something left to hold on!
Her demons haunt her. Her thoughts trick her.
The depths of deception are rocking her.
It is her only comfort,
Leaving is her only freedom.
She makes a last attempt to ask for help,
to hold on.
Than she blows her mind.
Ecclesiastes 3
To everything there is season,and a time and purpose under heaven.
Time to be born and a time to die and time to plant; and time pluck up what is planted.
A time to kill, time to heal, a time to break down; a time to build up.
A time to weep, a time to laugh, time to mourn and time to dance.
A time to cast stones,a time to gather stones, a time to embrace and a time to refrain fom embracing.
A time to get, a time to lose, a time to cast away.
A time to rend , atime to sew,atime to keep silence, and time to speak.
A time for love, a time for hate, a time of war and time of peace.
........Rejoice in life it is god's gift.
Even at my lowest when I wanted to reject Faith or needed to find Faith, feel rejected or need to find love for myself and something to strive for these versuses comfort me.

Corinthians 1-13....
If I speak in tongues of men and angels, but have not love,I am only a resounding gong and clanging cymbal.If I have gift of prophesy and can fathom all mysteries, and all knowledge, and I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love,I am nothing. if give all that I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames but I have not love,I gain nothing.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy,it does not boast,It is not proud. It is not rude,it is not self seeking,it is not angered it keeps no angers of wrong. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserves.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease, where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge;it will pass away.
For we know in part and we prophesy in part,but when perfection comes,imperfection disappears. when I was a child ,I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became an adult, I put the child behind me. Now we see but the poor reflection as in a mirror;than I shall see face to face. Now that I know in part;than I shall fully, even as I am fully knowen.
And now these three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest is Love.

( Love is sometimes challenging to live up too)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Undying Love

It happened,
with a passing glance.
Than an impromptu gaze.
A slight brushing touch.
Everyday we passed each other at
the same breathless moment.
Each day what most people thought
of as everyday occurrence began to
untangle a passion filled love.
The deep lingering looks and the
passing contact turned into
a fragrant trip.
True and utter alchemy!
Each day I fell in love with this stranger.
Until one faithful day the words
Each phrase we spoke unleashed the love
that was built in those moments.
The only thing that was left was to
consummate this love.
A true spiritual liberation.
One true moment of pure bliss!
Than he was taken away in
the very next moment.
How could the perfect feeling of love be their
one moment and taken away the next.
Only left with questions of who he was
and a love inside.
I felt I may die.
I felt the transition.
I felt the things that were just substitutions.
Can you hold on, when you lose, this kind of
spiritual liberation.
This was the altercation, a lost love,replaced
by legacy of love.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Moon
You open up emotion.
You reveal peoples truth,
like a crystal ball.
You unravel peoples secrets.
Your reflection entices people
to speak their mind.
Your illumination gives us hope.
You beg us to dream.
To believe.
You breakdown inhibition.
You create a path to integrity.
You untangle human deceit.
You weave quilt of genuine warmth.
You reveal the true inner reflection of who
we are.
You unveil the truth.
Rooted in lies.
Born to deceit.
Broken humanity
and disrespect.
Lack of care,
and fragile
Daunted by
negativity and
All that is left
is silent prayer
of hope.
A burning ember of
The total escavation
of Faith.
Broken glass

You were something,
that resided in me.
You were born with me.
Than you began to

Each abrasion,
each hurt,
every broken relationship,
every loss,
the disappointments,
all added up to one thing,

I keep looking, trying to find you.
In myself,
inside of faith,
in a person, and in the now.

I wonder if you can be excavated,
and revealed.

In each lesson, I look for you.
In each I prayer, I pray for you.
In each person, I try to recognize you.

I feel so void of you.

You linger in my dreams.
I see you in my hopes.
I feel you where love resides.

But each time you deteriorate
like broken glass and fragile tears.
You always tend to disappear.

They say you become a choice.
That your belief,
is like when one has faith.

I want you back so I do not
continue to hold back.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Letting go
I wonder.
I wait.
I exhale!
I surrender!
Like a breeze breathes life into the leaves.
Like water ripples into delicate waves.
Like a delicate caress, at the small of your back.
Like the sweet aroma of lover; lingering in the air.
Like when the wind in your hair, makes you feel free.
Like the joy you feel when you dance barefoot in the rain.
When life makes you smile from within.
When faith is the only thing that embraces you.


Monday, August 09, 2010

When a fish tale imitates life

A youthful man bought a Plant. That,
he named Mr.
Mr. was something to take care of and too
sing too. To provide peace and oxygen.
Something to come home too.

Youthful man added a fish to his home and called him Benjamin.
Benjamin was someone to talk too, too care for,
a fish in gilded cage.
Alone and free in his space.

Benjamin spent many a day munching and keeping
his cagey home free and clear of debris.
Benjamin lived day to day committed to living
his fishy life.

Than one day the youthful man brought home a
fish friend for Benjamin and called it perhaps.... Franklin.
Franklin was hot stuff!

Benjamin was aloof, nervous, confused, why youthful man
had moved a fish into his bottom feeding home.
He had too now share space was youthful man's desire too
have more.

Benjamin wondered how he could share his fishy world with
this fish named

How would he share his gilded bowl with another?
He would no longer get all his master's attention.
Benjamin wondered if he held no fascination, for the youthful man!

Youthful man could not bare the thought his new found friend
had no one too splash around with. A Franklin would be perfect
company for Benjamin's,fish boredom. Benjamin Franklin could swim,
eat,and watch Mr.grow.

Like fairy tales have tricksters, morals and layers...this fish tale does
too. Each detail unravels a piece and part of youthful man's tale, a tale that imitates life.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Passion embraced

Your breath is like sweet whispers of love.
Your caress is like being sun kissed by the sun.
Your intensity like a full moon.
Your pleasure like a rainbow.
Your desire is like watching lightening.
Your loyalty like swaying tree.
Your honesty like bubbling brook.
Your strength like waves in the ocean.
Your words are like footprints.
Your weaknesses are like drops of blood.
Your Pain is like raging waves.
Your openness is like a wounded bird.
Your love uncaged.

Falling out of Ecstasy
I thought our passion so pure.
So deep so undeniable.
Like water flowing through a water fall.
Are breath, our touch so in sync.
My desire, my wanting,so overwhelming.
Both pleasurable and daunting.
My desire to be close,delusional.
My hope to be together, void.
My pushing terrifying and frustrating.
Your avoidance and secrecy painful.
Respect eroding.
Love unraveling.
A future never to be told.

With the passion I have for you.
I replaced fear with peace.
I replaced rejection with love.
I replaced sadness with joy.
I replaced anger with forgiveness.
I replaced misinterpretations with patience.
I replaced desire with calm.
I replaced challenge with persistance.
I replaced power with respect.
Love is so fragile.
Words so harsh.
Beauty so simple.
Blessings so abundant.
Expectations so daunting.
Caring so critical.
Understanding so underrated.
Communication so misinterpreted.
Affection so undeniable.
Kindness so important.
Patience so pure.
Rejection so haunting.
Forgiveness so healing.
Respectis pure acceptance.

My wish for you today is peace.
Peace from you fears,
Peace from your confusion,
Peace from the stress I cause.
Peace from your obligations.
Peace of someone who loves you.
Peace that only god can give.

A path way to your inner strength.
Wisdom to carry you through.
Sweet delightful dreams.
Sweet silence.

I send you patience.
I send you positive energy.
I send acceptance and Love.
Have sweet and peaceful day.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Kissed by Lightening

Your touch was electrifying.
It felt like finally being home.

You came into my life like a raging storm.
You are like pure friction,unveiling my love.

I thought you seen me.
Your love felt warmer than the sun.

I thought your love was pure.
I felt sincerity and purity.
Not selfishness and disregard.
I felt love with no fear.

I see past your fear.
I see the generous love
you so desire, to give.
I feel the love you want to
I feel how my love tempts you,
from your depths of distrust.
I feel your breath and your real
I know you feel you are speaking
your truth,
if you prayed to your god you would
discover another.

Lightening is powerful and natural energy,
not unlike Love, dangerous and devouring.
I guess when you fall in love with a lightening,
you will end up alone!

This is what it is to be loved by lightening
a need to be adorned by many and not just one!

A Peace in Heartbreak

I shared a moment,
a holy moment.
Of undefinable passion.
It was filled with wild
abandon, yet a deep sincerity.
It was nothing like I felt before.
It was not an air of lust,
its breath was filled with love.
I did not feel any impurity,I felt pure grace.

I thought the love was of decadence and purity.
I thought I found a true love.
I thought I finally found that true radiance and brilliance.
of rare love.
Instead I found a history of fear, of desire, of disgrace,
and refuge of pain of time gone past.

I felt disgrace in myself in falling.
I felt disjointed in believing something so untrue.
I felt tortured for not hearing and believing who you told me you were.
I have beat myself for loving you.
I thought myself filled with pure and utter ignorance.
In my true ache , I found a truth, I fell for that sacred part of you.
That part of you you do not show everyone,the deep spiritual essence of who you are meant to be.

I cry for the hope
that you were brave.
I cry for the hope
of what I believed was wrong.
My tears stream down and my heart
breaks for something you will never
let be.

A cry for total acceptance
in pain, in lust, and in fear.
I wish are love could be brave and true.
A Love I know is real and pure.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who are you...

They say a person can come into a life
for moment,a season,or lifetime.
They come to teach you a lesson
to free a part of you.
To help you attest to something or
help you stand for something.
To help you put together your puzzel.
To test your integrity!
To break down your barriers,
to help you see your light.

They can also wound you,
and break a part of you.
They can also give you heart
They can break your trust and
cause you drama.
Taunt you and misuse you.
Haunt you and lose you.

This is about the time
you want to close down.
You want to hide , you want to cry.
The thought is you may fall, never call,
and not hurt at all!
Who are You...


Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Life found Liberation

Here is your menu, of what life offers!
I find appetizers, to tantalize my dreams.
I find a list of main courses,
of what I should expect.
A list of deserts,to sanctify my fantasies.
A list of liquors to, tempt the faiths.
A list of sides,to help me escape.

What I really find is a menu filled with
massive tests and so called illumination!

The dreams are filled with fears and punctuations.
The main courses have limitations
and are found to be filled with stagnation.
The deserts are there to fill the voids and expectations.
The liquors drown are degradation and heart palpitations.
The sides are meant to fill empty gratification!

Oh, I hope for some form, of jubilation!
My capitulation is too my faith!
A gods love may be my only affirmation.
I feel the constant ache of deprivation.
My only hope is my own form of demystification!

I ordain my continuation through pure innovation!
Have I always chose my subject to be alienation?
In my reaction I conclude my own annihilation!
Should it be that I provide my own adoration!

It may be through this initiation that I discover a loving collaboration.
Through the excavation of tests and taunts, I reveal a rationalization through my own exploitation.

For the Love of Bodhi Tree

Under the Bodhi tree,
I met thee!
The sacred one,who would guide me.
While I was under the sanctified tree,
I began to explore me.
With great gratitude,I began to
excavate who I was meant to be.
When I felt lost,I prayed to thee.

When I did not hear your answer,I gazed
at the bodhi tree; with deep appreciation.

Each time I embraced the tree, a great
euphoria came over me.
The Bodhi tree became a canopy
of love, which encompassed me.
I thought I could trust thee.
I learnt instead to trust the tree!
This tree amazed me and became home for me.
I thought I would find sanctity in thee.
Instead I found it in a bodhi tree!
I thought thee, was disappointing me!
Instead thee,was teaching me through
the wisdom of tree.
Thee showed me, I could find all the love
I need in tree!
Just like I could find all the love I need,
inside of me!
Because thee is inside me.
So just like you can find love in a Bodhi Tree,
thee can make love reside in me!


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Choosing a Life on the Fringe

If I could,I would live on the fringe.
I would be brave,and would
not worry about fitting in!
I would allow myself to be adorned
with whimsical and fanciful embellishments.
I would strive to be unconventional.
I would embrace my outer limits!
I would loosen all my constraints!
I would be clothed with adjectives
such as; eccentric, off-beat,and unusual.
My voice would be strong and poetic,
and filled with a creative allure.
I would be edgy,and I would excavate
my wild imagination.
I would grace myself with the freedom,
and remove all my restraints.
I would decorate myself with tantalizing
I would delve into my emotions and share them
part by part.
I would be brave and be the scene-stealer.
I would attempt to be avant-garde and alternative.
I would choose to live my life out loud!
I would no longer choose a life,
which is self-contained.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiss of Life

Life can be taken away at
any moment but you can
share life through just
a breath.

In one vulnerable moment
your life can be handed
too someone else. You
have to have faith in
a good Samaritan to
save your life.

In life you never know
what life may bring.

You may have to let a stranger
embrace you with a single breath.

You also may have to be the one
who gives life.

You sometimes have to take
a persons life in your hands
with a kiss in a breath.

Learn how to give Life through
a breath in kiss.


It takes only a breath
to sustain life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Love

A love so unconditional.
Like I never felt before.
You always looked at me,
with genuine amazement.
With a genuine,joy.

I wish,I remembered the
affection and kisses.
I remember the moments,
I wonder if they are real.
They are like snapshots,
that are alive in me.

I feel your energy sometimes
in me. Cursing through my veins,
taking care of me.
I wonder if it is real!
I wonder if it is something
I have just created.
Wishful thinking!

I am my father's daughter strong,
tenacious,and stubborn.
With hidden joy, so immense.
With a restless heart,for some
adventure not captured.
A lust for a life not lived.

I wonder how different I would of
been,if you would of not passed.
I wonder like in fairy tales, who
I would of been.
I wounder how you may,of influenced me!
What lessons and stories you would of shared.

I know you left me with love.
Real,perceived or something I
I know it is an unconditional love,
I search for.
Something not easily found or easily
A trust not easily earned.
So many lessons left untaught.
So many loves not trusted!
So many dreams not lived!
Always searching! Always settling!

An expectation of Pure Love.
A place safe to Love.
A someone who, soulfully embraces who I am.
A longing for someone who understands me,
who wants to know me.

Is it you who is meant to help me
uncover that kind of love!

karma sage
Sweet Surrender

Like the breeze from the ocean,
you uplift me.
Like Love that lingers in the soul,
you embrace me.
Like the freedom one feels driving
down the wide open road,
you free me.
Like the passion one feels creating,
you stimulate me.
Like sweet,sweet music;you engage me.
Like delectable delights, you gratify me.
Like temptation, you tantalize me.
Like a deep exhale,you move away from me.
Like a blazing fire, you warm me.
With a incredible embrace,I forget everything.
With a deep kiss, you melt me.
With Love,you honor me.
Karma sage

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is great Love

dependability, and creativity
are just a few things that
you find in a great

Do you ever wonder about

The magnificence of the sun.
The generosity of friend.
The divinity of rainbow.
The sweetness of when someone loves you.
The kindness of stranger.
The warmth of a smile.
The joy of laughter.
The significance of hug.
The melodic sound of the ocean.
The splendour of kiss.
The tranquility of the quiet.
The pleasure of music.
The harmony of nature.
The beauty of the world.
If you are able to see these wonderful
things than you are one step closer to a
peaceful mind.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A broken heart.
A damaged relationship.
A broken trust.
A loss of confidence.

A crystal glass.
A porcelain vase.
Fourteen carat gold.
And my love for you.

When I feel your love,
I am at peace.
It is my trust that is
fragile, because my heart
has been so broken.

It has been you that
has taught this fragile
heart,that love
is possible.


Monday, May 24, 2010

A Precious Gift

If I had a
little blue box
I would fill it up,
with a prayer for you.
The prayer would be
filled with peace.
It would help you
live in the moment.

This box would hold a
lifetime filled with
love and acceptance.

This same box would
be filled with passion
and ultimate joy.

In corners of the box
you would find clarity,
trust, honesty, and

The soft tissue paper that
protects these gifts holds
arms of calm.

In this beautiful precious
gift you will find, your
strength, your generosity,
your faith, your grace,and
what your truly grateful for.

In this gift you can unwrap
your creativity, your dreams,
embrace who loves
you and retrieve your greatest

In this precious gift
you will reveal to youself,
the best parts of you.

Karma Sage
A Loss of a Life

I feel a void.
An unexplainable loss.
A disconnect.
A shattered ray of hope!

A life,a death.
A Past,a present.
A stranger dancing in
the mist.

We share a past,no present,
we share blood, and a family tree.
But I am not sure we are family.

In context you were my aunt
who shared my blood. I did not
really know you. You were
mother, a grandmother, an aunt,
a sister, a woman,
a friend, and lover.

You had people who love
you and will miss you.

You had love, faith, pain, burdens,
and cherished memories.

I hope you found peace.
I hope your sacred family
is waiting for you.
Reaching for you.

Today you took hold
of journey, a new hope.
A new world,an adventure
with what came before.

Find your sense of Peace.

A Wonder World

I feel you drifting away.
Where too,I do not know.
I feel your longing.
A longing for something
I do not know.

I want to understand
your aloofness.
Your desire to disappear.

Is it a need to escape!
To find a sense of peace!

Is it Place?
Is it it something new?
Is it a person?
Is it a thing that
enlightens you?

Are you finding your way!
Or are you on soulful

I hope you let me know!
I feel a sense of confusion
A sense of searching.
Are you searching for you?

Are you busy or just resting!
Or is it just a distortion.
I guess you do not want
me to know.

Do you want me to think your
only strong.
Someone who is just happy!
Do you want to portray a
sense of peace.

The things,I wonder
about you.

Karma sage
That Kind of Presence

The remembrance of child's
I feel the sun on my
Look at the diamonds
sparkling in the waterfall.
Wow,look at the northern lights.

I remember the wolf
by the lake on a cliff
it stared right into my eyes
it was like we were one.

That was what it was like
when you were with me,
we were ever present. Like we
were one, like we new each
other forever. You amazed me.
You made me feel ever moment.
We were present in every moment.
A Graceful Presence

I long to feel presence
that a child feels.
To feel the balance in
every moment.
To feel life's grace in
the ordinary.

I am waiting to be the
divine intervention of
my universe.
I want to marvel in
everything that comes
across my path.

I want the amazement one
feels, as you watch in awe,
this is my life.
That ecstasy you feel when you
are truly present.

I want to share it with
one who I adore and amazes
me. In our piece
of spiritual sanctuary.
Within our sense of peace.

That sense of grace you
feel, when you know this is
where you are meant to be.
We come into world trailing
a sense of grace, but it is
at this moment you know
have found grace and know why
you were born into this moment.

Karma sage

He alludes you at every advance.
His plan at every attack is avoidance.
He shelters you from
ever really knowing him.

He must envision himself as mysterious!
He hides under the umbrella
that he is merely human.
You wonder if it's
his own insecurities,
his own frailities that
keeps him away.

You wonder what he is waiting for!
Perhaps for you to escape!
Have you allowed him to trap you?

You wonder if he doubts you.
Does he realize he
is breaking you.
It feels like your being mislead.
Or is he just misunderstood.

You want to capture his love.
You recognize he wants to be untamed.
He appears to want unconvetional.
Have you misunderstood.

Is it the doubt an the distrust
that resides in both us?
That makes are love fade,
or is it time and space.

How much is merely misunderstood.

karma sage
Lost but not Forgotten

I have come undone,
plunged to the ground
without lifeline.
Lost my way again.
No longer feel understood.
I feel that the gods have
tempted me, in order to
untarnish my sense of trust.
They have eluded me with
manufactured desires and
mislead me with temptations
of love.
Where is my faith, where is
my surrender, and
where is joy?
Where is the solid ground?
My roots feel like they are
I feel like I am free falling
into the abyss.
I reach my had out to embrace faith.
Faith moves me into another round
of darkness, but surely I will find solid
ground, or will grow wings and fly.
I will not be tempted by dissatisfaction.
I will embrace faith and not be allured by
an illusion of love.


Monday, May 17, 2010

A wild women's search
for Love

When you are in love with
wild woman you are in love with
twin souls. The wild woman
has an outer answer and inner
answer,that you must always

She looks for a mate with blind
eyes. She feels your compassion,your
devotion, your loyalty, your insight ,your kindness,
your ability to be concerned for her and your
ability to care for yourself.

She embraces you because of your ability
to learn and your capability to be curious
about how things work. She knows you can open and close.

She needs a mate who is capable of being strong
yet sensitive. Your strength is like a tree unbending
and flexible. You are capable of sensitivity,and have ability
too see around you and you are awakened.

She is in search for one who feels pain when she hurts them
and shows it and has ability to be sorry when they hurt her.
She does not want someone who gives up on her and shows no emotion.
You have ability to feel pain and see pain.

She needs someone who has an inner life,
who has love for something. A passion
and creative life.

She wants someone who shares values and she wants
to create memories good and bad. She needs to
share something deep an meaningful with you.

She wants someone who has similar values and a need
for roots and wants to share that. She wants alleviate
friction and have the pragmatics.

She needs someone with compassion and who can listen and
share communally in conversation. Someone who wants discover
an internal harmony together.

She wants someone who can laugh at themselves and assists
her to see the humour in herself. Who knows how to stop and
argument in mid sentence.

She wants a partnership which can over look faults and withstand
differences and quirks.

She needs a person who is her friend and lover.
A person who does not separate the two but integrates
love and friendship into one.

She must choose a person who makes her life bigger
not smaller.

This is the love a wild woman is looking for.
a love that is strong and true.

Karma sage

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paradise found in a Greenhouse

It is a sanctity of green.
There is breeze of liquid life
pulsating in the air.

I am surrounded by layers
of unlimited energy.
There are moist droplets of
sunshine lingering in the air.
It feels like the cool mist
generated by a waterfall,coolly
misting your face.

There is visual symphony
of breathtaking shades of green.
Vibrant notes of island colours
splashing a visual canvas.

The vision is like poetry, in motion.
It captivates your every sense.
I am engulfed with its beauty and purity.
It is literally a rainbow of greens created
by god. With delicate bright blooms that evoke
angel wings and fairy dust. Small and majestic
miracles surround me.

Each piece of foilage is like masterpiece.
The breathtaking shades of green paint
an exhilatering sensation of peace.
The vibrant blooms electrify a sensual
release of joy.

It is like the soulful moment at the
first light of dawn.
It is like being baptised in ocean waves.
It is the exhileration one feels when
they experience love for the first time.

I am energized by the peace and purity.
I am transported to paradise.

It seems we can never give up longing and wishing while were thoroughly alive. There are things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them. George Elliot
Love is that enevitable state that knows know envy or vanity,only empathy to be greater than onself.
Some people never say the words " I love You". It's not their style to be so bold. Some people never say those words" I love you" cause like a child they are longing to be told. unknowen
My feelings for you shame me into silence.
The truth of this and your name will never be revealed.
It is you who has made me realize the failure of my life.
The thought of you feels me with longing at the same time
a burning humiliation, that produces scar tissue and dead brain cells.
Your existence mocks me and I am unable to confront this.
You have know idea of any of this. None of this is your fault it is completely with me.
It is you who makes me see what I really am.
I am weak and out of touch with myself.
Henry Rollins
There is immense painful longing for a broader, fuller, more coherent,more comprehensive of what we humans are,who we are and what life is for. Saul Bellow
Longing for me...

I thought I knew who I was.

Only to discover I was lost.

I got lost in someone else.

I forgot about me.

I let them fill me up with
their importance.

I however forgot the
importance of

I let them become a kind
of everything, and than
I woke up and could not find me.

They nurtured and would not let go
when I did not trust.

They probed and tested.

They challenged.

They manipulated and tried to mold
like a piece a clay.

They often interrogated me.

Are they just a mirror reflection of me?

An outer voice to remind me who I am meant
to really be.

Who really knows who they are meant to be to me.

All I know is I am reminded of who I am to me!

Karma sage

I long to be held with a pure heart.
To be cherished by a rare soul
whose fingertips trace my scars
with care.

I long for the person who embraces
my bruised heart with the fragility
of soft whispering feathers.

I long for a person to hold me
like the water molecules,during a hot bath.
Not unlike,their touch upon my skin, and when
heat of their touch lingers.

I long for the natural way I feel when I
curve against their body.
Like smooth silk,and soft embers.
Like a soft buzz of electrical harmony.

I long for their aroma,their cool
clean breeze of musk and emotion.
The aroma of passion and purity.

I long for their exploration of
my body , mind, and spirit. I
long for my moments of exploration
of their every being.

I long for memories that remind us
of what were capable to be.

I long to show my love, get lost in love.

Longing For...

Were all longing for something.
Generally we do not know what it is!
Usually it is something intangible.
Maybe something we wish existed.

I long for someone who,
does not,appear to exist.
A Person who is there for me
and I can be there for them.
A Person who is not afraid to
show all of who they are.
A person who does not hide
and retreat.

I long for a heart that knows mine.
I long for a hear that trusts.
I long for something simple, not filled
with games.

I thought I found it, but moments when I
need to be loved lately they tell me nothing.
I tell them I miss them , they say
Maybe it is I am only hearing the times
when they do not say anything rather than
when they do.

This Person keeps you off balance one moment
they tell you are soul mates.
Next moment your a friend and they love you.
Sometimes they ask, can it not be both.

I will admit to not trusting love.
I will admit to being stubborn to love.
I will admit to making mistakes in love.
I will admit to confusion when it comes to love.
I will admit to not understanding the way some people love.

I admit that when I love you
I am loyal, I would be the person you
could count on to be there for you.
What concerns you matters to me.
When I love you, I love with all my heart.

When you hurt my core,I will stop loving.
I will not tolerate being unloved,
used, or abused.
I will not tolerate empty words or promises
that never materialize.

I can admit to being unloving,and stubborn.
Usually it is times when I feel unloved by
When you know what is needed and you

We all are preoccupied
with jobs, business and dreams;
and take for granted matters
the of our heart.
We forget that when our world
turns upside down,we will find
whose hearts we nurtured with care.
Those who we did not,may not be there.

Longing comes to exist when you
stop recognizing what you have
and when you start losing your
yourself and love.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

How do we love?

You give love,you take it away.
You misuse love!

You say it, do you mean it?

Do you borrow love?
Do you carry backup love?
Do you push away love?
Do you withhold love and
leave people hostage?
Do you really trust love?

When did love become so jaded
so impure!

I thought we were all born to be loved.
To experience an extraordinary love.
To find path to a rare sweet love.

To find love that is true.

Maybe some of us are meant
to learn how to love.
Or to find a freedom to love.
Or find a way to accept love.
Or a path to self love.
Or not to fear love.

All I know for sure, is we all
desire to be loved.
To find someone who sees us,
accepts us,and knows us.
Someone who is brave enough
to love us.

karma sage

Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Mother Gone

It is distance memory when
you held me when I was fagile.
I wonder if you wished you had
made different plans.
I wonder if was too much.
Too complicated, you had no time to
discover you.

I sit here and wonder today, did
I ever have mother because it
has been so long.
I no longer plan mother's day
for you.
You have become a stranger to me,
so the celebrations have become

On Mother's day I still feel
like I should be celebrating
someone or something.
Perhaps I should I celebrate
all the women
who continue to be mothers.

It maybe I should celebrate
all the motherless children's bravery.
It maybe that each one of us who has
lost their mother; had her long enough
to move alone.
Or a group of women who continued
to hold me up when you were gone.
But like you they are gone too.

For a time I felt you around
Perhaps you were
trying to make ammends
for leaving too soon.

So I sit here wondering what
to celebrate, today.
A mother,I miss.
Perhaps a celebration of
letting go.

Karma Sage

Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Brilliant Day

The horizon holds an awesome
golden haze.
With bright burnt splashes of
sunflower yellow.
A deep blue sky peeks through
the sunbursts of iridescence gold.
The trees above are like a triumphant
blanket of comfort.
The majestic glittering play of light;
peaks through the canopy
like stars at night.
I think this could be a small piece
of heaven.
A breathtaking exhaling of natures true
A moment of glorious beauty!
Like a gods palm reaching down
and emptying peace upon a storm.

Karma Sage
The Pureness of the Ordinary

Sometimes we hide
in hope of disappearing.
We drift into a pool
of pain.
We numb ourselves in the
so-called delectables' of life.
We try to fill up the pain
with empty moments of emotions.

We search for the adventure that
life promises.
We seek out love in prophets, and
promises of others.
We are tempted and tantalized
by the possibilities that life
holds more.
We constantly hope for more.
We dream of more.

When the more does not
materialize, we start
to disappear.
And the merry-go-round

It is hard to recognize
the beauty in the ordinary.
The sanctity in the purity
of peace.

The love that is possible from
sitting under a tree, and being embraced
and held by its roots.
The elevation one feels
from the shelter
from its branches and leaves,
it is like blanket of hope.

Love, richness,and
abundance can be found
truly in the ordinary.
The more can be lost in
the search of adventure
and unrequited passion.

Karma Sage

Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Journey to Love

They say I was created in love.

Deep inside me,I know the only
true expression of me, is love.

I have discovered love in many

I have been the giver where I
felt spent.

For a moment I thought I was entitled
to all the love.

There were many a relationship that were
brief, where I did not give or receive.

Fear did not allow me to share any parts
of me.
I avoided love; cause love brought

There is a kind love; I long for.
A love so fulfilling it feels like

A love that is based on mutual giving,
and receiving. Filled with respect,
and honesty. With a seductive set of

My life long journey has been
to learn to love and be loved.

I am tempted to settle for;
an any kind of love.
But my soul wins out!
And I continue to search out,
that rare kind of Love.

I am searching for Love
that is filled with pure
light. A love where one
finds what they desire

A love injected with a
splash of passion, generosity,
compassion, and tenacity.

Perhaps it is love unreal
but it is a soulful love.

Like Roots of Tree

I sometimes feel the magnitude
of my roots flowing out the
base of my feet.

Most of the time my roots seem
severed and indistinguishable.

I expect to feel solid but feel

I expect the roots to lead me to you,
to remind me of who you were.

But the roots have entangled and
are a mystery.

If I was to dig and unearth the roots
would I be able to unravel the puzzle?

These roots should be organic and
not misleading.

These roots bind me to a memory
of who I have been.

These very same roots could expedite
who I am meant to be.

I clutch and caress these roots
at the very same time.

In hope of mastering a comprehension,
with some divine intervention.

These roots tempt me and provoke me.

If the roots disappeared, I to would
seize to exist.

So my roots will continue to unravel
paving the way to complex enlightenment.

Karma sage

Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding your soul
I thought I was searching.
Really I was stumbling!
I was on a journey to find
To find the love that I
lost for you.
I have been standing and waiting
for someone to love you.
Waiting for the love I denied you.
I have been waiting for
a kindness from heaven.
A rare revelation with,
an angelic touch.
My salvation is in finding
my love for you.
I will embrace you,and I will
finally love you.
The rain is pounding hard
against the window.
It is remnant to how
life beats us down.
The raindrops are washing
away, like my dreams.
The rain and wind are
swirling and dancing
entertaining rebirth.
The rain is hitting
the roof like an unruly
wake up call.
I am feeling baptized
by the moisture in the air.
The dampness embraces
my fragile longing.
I feel chilled and urning
for a complete love.
The rain is altering me
and exposing me, and amazing me.
The droplets are washing away
my fears.
Their is a mist of hope,transpiring.

karma sage
The wind is blowing me about,
I can hardly breath.
I feel a disarray,I feel
like my spirit could take
I may disappear into the
dark windy night.
I feel alone with the breeze,
it disorganizes my thoughts.
I feel twisted, unraveled,
and fragile.
The wind makes me feel
disorientated and confused.
The wind should make me feel
free and wild.
However it makes me feel like I
am coming apart.
I can not hold on, I feel frayed
and uprooted.
The space between my soul
and my body,is floating away
like cloud.
I can not hold on,I must be
slowly coming undone.
No time to think,everything
is swirling.
I feel like a twister,my thoughts
No freedom, no roots,no containment,
only fragility.

karma sage

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Rare Love... is waiting.

There is a sacred child in this
world that is your responsibility.

An innocent spirit that is yours
to nurture.

Their care is your journey to embrace.

They are the children with unimaginable strength,
incredible courage, and undefinable hope.

They are the children alone in this
world facing incredible odds.

Every person who thinks they are not parent,has
a potential child waiting for them,wishing for them,
and needing love.

Karma sage
Wise Woman

I have feral quality ,
that pulses through me.
At times I am unaware of
of this strength.

When things become difficult
this quality breathes deep
inside me.
Even when people you love,
let you down; rob you
and relinquish their love.
This is when you are
to your inner power.

So strong,so loving,
so determined, and so embracing.
A love that can only be marketed
by your soul and all knowing higher

A Love; filled with clarity, a wisdom
unclaimed, with trusting capability
that is undeniable.

This ferocious force assists you in
recognising the most precious parts
of yourself, the parts not recognised
or revealed to others at first sight.

Although this gift is not apparent
everyday it is like a burning ember,
that remains when a fire is extinguished.

It pulsates and breathes an undying will
that is ever present. Filled with a deep
intuitive nature, a reminder of your innate
qualities, and blessed being.

It carries with you a deja vu of who
you really are and who you are capable
of being.


Monday, April 19, 2010


If I was brave!
I would by a ticket to Africa
and drum to the rhythm night.
If I was brave!
I would sing out all that is in my heart.
If I was brave!
I would take an adventure alone
to reveal my own soul.
If I was brave!
I would embrace all that I love.
If I was brave!
I would sky dive!
If I was brave I would reclaim my dreams!
If I was brave I would live more
for me.
If I was brave!
I would not wait to share these things.
I would just live for me!

Karma sage

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A self fulfilling prophecy

He is Lost!
He can not find you!
He can not reach you
cause you see your own pain!

You want to love him!
You lose your patience
in his confusion.
You misinterpret
his pandemonium as rejection.

You are holding your breath
cause your waiting for him
to hurt you!

You want him to express himself
but you have deaf ears, and things
get lost in translation.

LoVe is like a labyrinth
trying to connect and find
their way to the center.

kArmA Sage

An explosion of hurt.
A bruised heart.
A combustion of hateful words.

A desire to wound a spirit.
An erruption of frustation.
A momentary loss of love.

A sharing of the burden of hurt.
Misunderstandings gone wrong.
Reverberation of rejection.
A lack of comunication.

A thunderous attack.
A retalilation.
A loss a patience.
Attack and retreat.

A momentary loss of sanity.
A rejection for compassion.
The refusal to embrace love!

Karma Sage
Small Embraces

A phone call from a friend.
A great memory from the past.
The sun on your face on a warm sunny day.
A great song on the radio.

The love from a furry friend
Strawberries and cream.
Laughing till you burst.
The smell of fresh cut grass.

A dream of someone you love.
The smell of fresh coffee in the morning.
A smile from a stranger.
A small accomplishment.

A moment of pure bliss.
A reminder that life can be joyful.
A suprise from someone far away.
Moment of calm in turmoil.

A piece of quiet in nature.
A connection you feel to someone who has drifted away.
A loss of fear.
Words of wisdom from above.

All these are small embraces
that remind you that you are loved from above.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love in Turmoil

His Love is twisted.
His words encrypted

Insanity consumes you.
Anger breaks through.
Hurt takes hold!

You become cold.
All you wanna do is run.

He appears demeaning!
Love is unravelling.
Compassion is waning.
Trust disintegrating.

The passion exploding.
We are retreating.

Giving up

When "I love you" are just words with no meaning.
When someones words rip you apart.
When someone does not hear how they have hurt you.

When you do not know where to find forgiveness.
When you look and your love letters and they have lost their love.
When logic replaces Love.

When love keeps walking away.
When love cannot find its way.
When words your mine...turn to... bail and run.

This is giving up on love.

Karma sage

Friday, April 16, 2010


Unfamiliar landscape.
Emotionally displaced.
Cloistered in confusion.
Rambling through a fog.
Starting to unravel.

karma sage

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Prayer

Refuse to fall down.
If you cannot refuse to fall down'
refuse to stay down.
If you cannot refuse to stay down,
lift your heart towards heaven,
and like a hungry beggar,
ask that it be filled,
and it will be filled.
You may be pushed down.
You may be kept from rising.
But no one can keep you from lifting your heart
towards heaven--
only you.
It is in the middle of misery
that so much becomes clear.
The one who says nothing good
came of this,
is not yet listening.

Clarrisa Pinkola Estes
Something to reflect upon.

New seed
is faithful.
It roots deepest
in the places
that are
most empty.

C.P. Estes


Love's mysteries in souls do grow, but yet the body is his book. John Donne

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love makes your soul crawl out of its hiding place. Zora Neale Hurston

A Bell is not bell 'til you ring it,
A song is not song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn't put there to stay-
Love is not love
'til you give it away>

A man is not where he lives,but where he loves. Latin Proverb

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said. Unknowen

Its not what you look at ,it is what you see. Henry David Thoreau

Patience is companion of wisdom. St. Augustine

It is only when we are silent the blaring sounds of our existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our heart. K. T. Jong

Beginning today, treat everbody you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend all the care, kindness,and understanding you can muster and do it with no thought of reward. Your life will never be the same again. Og Mandino

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed when there is light from within. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Violet waves opened up my awareness.
Connecting me to spiritual oneness
Awakening me to my higher mind and
unravelling my purpose.

Indigo waves encompassed me,
filling me up with worthiness.
Creating a path to the source.
The quiet that would guide me
to freedom, love and joy.

Turquoise waves divulged my
higher self. Harnessing truth,
alleviating criticism,and
creating verbal dimension.

Orange waves enticed me,
with textures of drama.
This unharnessing my well-being,
pleasure,and ultimate joy.

Red waves centered me,
providing me deep lush
roots connecting my center
to abundance.

Green waves awakened my heart's
connection to all things.
What transpired;was the unity
to all things.

Yellow waves empowered my warrior
within me. It unwrapped my self-worth
and confidence unleashing my personal power.

These are all parts of me,
not always lucid to me.
However now being reborn in me.
Pushing me forward, towards my
inner peace.

A Magnificent Love

A loving touch is like an aria.
It leaves you with a lyrical composition
of your lover's intention!
It breathes into you, sacred wisdom.

A loving kiss is like Paradise.
It removes your ache and moves
one into tenderness.
It melts your fear, melancholy
and it caresses the inner soul.

A loving look is like a sanctuary.
Praise for your internal well being.
It is like being embraced by love,
and your soul tenderly worshipped
in its totality.

When Love is expressed in this way,
you have finally found a sacred love.
A love you cannot deny!