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Monday, October 18, 2010

Being evolved may mean choosing
to be positive.
However evolving is about
the journey to
Positivity does not mean never
choosing to acknowledge
challenges, frustrations, and
Positivity is the ability to
find the positive spin to life's
We do not always go to
positive place, we breathe
and transform.
We acknowledge and express, and
discover the positive.
Positivity is journey.
Smile till you believe your
happy, does not always work.
One can not deny feelings
insecurities,and expect to embrace
the positive.
Truth sets you free and than you transform.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seperate and Apart

We all lose a piece of ourselves,
sometimes day by day.
We assume someone we love,will
extend out a helping hand,just
because we trust.
Instead we fall without a
lifeline, and the universe
sets us free.
The free fall continues; until
we choose to break free.

The Universe knows I am hurting,
adrift in my pain.
An angel sends a thread of hope,
to alleviate the drain.
You find all that you have to
count on is your courage and
a vice for your pain.
Than you find a shimmer
of hope, inside you, the
strength too maintain.

It does not come from an earthly
other,or playing the blaming game.
It comes from deep inside you,
a quite center, who holds your
balance and your heart, that
allows to admit your shame.
I know longer can blame
another for my empty heart,
my soul felt abandoned and
for now I am separated into

All must be forgiven,love and
kindness maintained, once
my soul becomes whole and true.
I will no longer become inivisible
but become a burning flame with
a constant light that will continue
and maintain.