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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love Is

Love for me is like a soft mist
of gentle messages left on the
palate of the soul.

It is the luminous imprints left
by a lover's touch.

It is the soft decadent traces of lips
that caress the smooth silkness
of one's every curve.

The familiar grace one feels when
the soul who really loves you leaves
an imprint on your heart.

And it is the gentle way that dreams bind
two souls as one.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Her eyes had it

Sometimes the eyes see what the hearts cannot
or will not
And other times the heart feels what the eyes are blind to
But in that moment when I looked in her eyes
I could see the clear reflection of me
All I ever dreamt of or hoped for
I saw reflected in the corner of her eyes
And I knew then
As I knew now
That no matter what time or distance
Should come between us
I know I will always remember that moment
When love looked at me from the corner of her eyes
And in that moment all that truly mattered
Was that I felt loved

In an otherwise uneventful moment
Loved entered my life
And I knew it
Because I could feel it staring at me
From the corner of her eyes

imadon @ 20010