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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finding Grace and Prayer

Last night I embraced The Circle of Fire.
A prayer to ignite my spirit.
A matrimony with divine.
I am invested in this prayer.
My intent is to recover my divinity.
To put trust in the spirit that guides me.
I will live my life with gratitude.
With Love ,Loyalty, and Justice.
This begins with me and than all who cross my path.
I will respect all creation as symbol of my love communion
of whom I was created.
I will return to my joy and happiness...and share this  with the  world.
I know I am responsible for my own happiness.
I also know I do not want to live in anger, sadness, or jealously.
I will recover my will, my faith. and my love.
I will free myself  from the lies and emotion, and free my faith.
A prayer for me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where do I stand I really do not know! I ask you the questions, I ask you for truth, and you do not answer! You say you are afraid to open your heart and tell me the truth. I have been waiting for that for along time. I question if you know what truth is,are you scared to reveal who you are? I really wonder if anyone knows who you are! Are you just stranger to everyone?
I am lost without a compass.
I debilitated without passion.
My direction void!
My soul no doubt, lost.
I can not find the light and I am losing my fight.
I call upon my spirit guides, asking to be embraced by god.
I am falling into my abyss.
I am totally torn from limb to limb.
Where are you?
Come guide me!
I am out touch.
I am void of joy!
I feel like I have nothing...
I am told to feel grateful!
I am urged to feel thankful and blessed.
I feel however like I am drowning and stuck.
I still want to be embraced and rescued.
I feel tormented and broke.
I blame life for letting me down.
I believe god has not shown up.
Why can I not find my way?
Why does life never feel like enough?
Am I  not blessed?
Are these pains mine to blame.
Has god called me to each of these moments, to find me instead.
Atone... embrace your love!
Life is worth knowing.
You may feel rejected, but feel your love instead.
Feel the love within.
By Lisa

We all want someone to accept all of who we are.
An unconditional love void of mistrust.
A love that is filled with space and peace.
A love that resurrects our passion that was lost.
A love that recognizes and touches are deepest being.
A Love that can see our soul.
A love that transsends our deepest pains.
A Love that makes us feel like enough.
A Love that illuminates a mirror, with someone who finally understands.
Who gives hope where love has always went wrong.
Some of us want to find this love in one person.
Another human searching and broken like you.
Others find this love in mirage of broken humans.
You start to excavate many souls looking for the perfect one to devote too!
You open your heart and you let go!
You put all those broken pieces of you heart and sacrifice the wounds and surrender!
The Broken look for love from another, rather than the Love they carry from within.
The Broken fall in love, with love- misguided  and hopeful.
They look for love too change how life feels.
A person to be their without consequence.
A Love desiring nothing in return.
A love without expectation, which carries so much expectation.
A love that bridges the lack we always need to feel of being loved.
The love we constantly wait for that never comes.
A perfect Love void of rejection, judgment and betrayal.
A time telling fairytale we believe exists.
Instead of love that is real, complicated, and changing.
A real love for the broken is the love we are born with, that is pure and embracing love.
The love we need to return too, to began again.
A love filled with connection and total acceptance, where we know are own beauty and divinity.
Which opens the heart that attracts the souls love, not dependent on a savaged love but an adorning love.
The real love that the broken are searching for.
A Love god given to each one us -lost -every time the heart gets broken, betrayed and the heart interpreted that is not enough.
Even a broken soul still carries that rare love inside no matter the heart aches and an invitation and path to a pure Love universally given.
The gift remains no matter how we have been broken.
 True Love!
By Lisa

Love thyself.
Do not depend on the love of another,to complete you.
Do not let that lover define you.
His love will never fill you!
Their love will only saturate the love you do not feel for yourself.
They will disappoint you!
You will always find fault in the way they love you and hurt you.
You will make excuses for them and you will believe the lies they tell in the pursuit of love.
You will want change them and you will always need more for them.
If he berates you, he wants to wound you.
Remember...The one who says he loves you paints their own picture their own story...their own pains with love.
Pay attention to those words and actions they will show their broken pieces of love and the truth of your love.
If he avoids you he wants to dismiss you.
If he believes a woman need sex rather than intimacy he is misguided.
Someone who loves you wants to give you more of themselves ,not less.
Home is not just in the intimacy, but in the pleasure of sharing the ordinary.
Truth be told, a man will know when he takes you for granted.
If he pays attention to only to what will hurt you! Let go!
Let go of man who does not hear you and who no longer want to listen or address you.
A man who says he loves you, when he loves only what you do for him.
Dismiss a man who does not want to share himself.
Do not trust a many who will say he loves you and another breath makes you feel insecure.
If man does not want you in his life,he will make excuses and he will always find a way to keep you out.
Let go of the love who ignores you, who is complacent with you.
Let go of the man who does not want to make plans with you and never asks you what you need and want.
If man will not fight for you, let him go!
Let go of man who can not recognize you are hurt!
Let go of a love that does not want to give, who does not want to open his heart or his home to you.
Instead resurrect the Love that was born to you!
Embrace love that was sacred to you.
Resurrect the Love that you have needed to fill you.
Have the grace to fall in love with you and who you were born to be.
Connect to the heart that is open to more.
The love you need will find you!
Just allow yourself the opportunity to reflect and Resurrect!
By Lisa

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Broken Hearts I have been crying a ocean of tears filled with rejection and loss. I remember the words my mother told me find someone who loves you more than you love them. Maybe that is selfish love when you have lost and have nothing more than one broken heart. I learned early that people will break you heart... you can love them uncondtionally, stand by them, cherish them, stick by them but their broken hearts; will lie to you , hurt you and will beat you away. People will take that unconditional love you give them eventually they will abuse it, use it, and short change you. This is a broken heart it is heart that has been robbed by another. A heart that is desperate,,,will try to mend, or it will try to break another heart. This heart will test, play games, and will withhold the very thing it wants. This heart will give away its respect, will allow itself to be used, will believe in things that are not real, and may even hurt another heart to give away its own pain. A broken heart bruised deeply will either strive to never hurt another, or will at all costs do everything it can to never be hurt again. So today I cry for my broken heart scarred and always tender and all the other hearts that feel abused, rejected, disrespected, and subjected to all that it is been broken!
You ask me if I miss you! Right now I fill I lost to you. I have always wanted you to let me in...I feel like you totally slammed the door on me! You said you know me, than I ask why you want to hurt me? My thoughts are that you are overwhelmed, but I feel clueless. I believe you are wrapped in loss and in pain! I wonder if it is just another excuse I make for you! I wonder if you tell someonelse that I am the girl who wants more for you and makes you feel trapped! Ever since you told me about the woman who you went to the concert with...I wonder if she feels like me. Why does this guy like me , but avoids me, why does this guy not want more from me. I wonder if you have told her that you love her and left her with mixed messages. I wanted to be that girl you wanted to share things with, not the girl you run to when you want to avoid things. I have learned that when you give your love you are lied too, when you share yourself you will find someone who withholds,and that when you find someone who hides they are not just hiding from you. Have I tried to make you mad, to wake you up, to let me in but you just put another barrier up! You always want easy and simple...I am always fighting for something real with you. I wondering who your protecting? I wonder if the games you play make you hard? I wonder who;you hold close, who you would never hurt,and who you want to tell the truth too! It is not me! Someone who always tests you, will finally create person who will one day stop trying! Is it not ironic that we create what we do not want!