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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I feel like a Love Test Dummy

I try to open my heart, and feel my way.
I know not what love is.
Broken and torin apart by loves broken people.
People who pledge their love is real.
But you know the deal they are broken and do not know how to feel.

They are afraid and do not know how open their hearts.
Like you they have a broken heart because their love has always been taken apart.
They asked for what they need from the one they loved instead they never heard a word they said.

How can you ask someone to just love you when you already know they do.
How can you question their trust for you when you, your trust barely fades through.

Love is where you will find me.
Alone, crashed and burnt.

I keep thinking of Love and that I will find you.
Someone who listens to what I need and will follow through.
Love is suppose to make you a better person, not empty and afraid.

So help me find my away, loved and crash free.

Beautiful Day

A day when someone truly sees your worth.
Who values your time as much as their own.
Who gets how you feel.
Who never uses you to fill up their emptiness.
All those promises one makes, are actually filled with truth.
That you do not merely use others to fill your needs.
That you know how to give someone your total attention,because you know their importance.
That your capable to feel someones pain and hurt,and you can lend the some of your love.
That your able to hear what someone needs and you have the love to give them that.
That is the beauty of a day when you see someone elses worth.
Finally when you know your own worth.