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Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Love that Remains

I wish I could tire of you,be rid of you.
I no longer want to devour you.
I want comfort from you.
I wanted you to be my home, my santuary.
I wanted your trust, your truth.
I did not want to rescue you only be blesssed by you.

It is strange that in a moment and a breath things become broken.
Fragile ties and blessings denied, and unsweet pain, we try again
Fear and not knowing where you fit or stand, can not with stand.
I guess love is that fragile, or it was never real!
We try to replace with not much grace!
We discard with haste, and no real regard.
Again we become displaced!

You have to wonder what is ever real and what was mistake.
Love one sided is surely to break.
When we never really commit, a broken heart it does make.
A feeling of never being binded and never knowing, is just blind faith.
Falling and capitulating into the deepest oblivion.

I surrender to brokeness, I fall into the inner depths.
I linger in the dream of what it was all meant to be for me.
I shatter that nothing was real, only a hope of what I wanted it to be.
A daydream of my creation, a splender of divination, or some kind of hallucination.
Caught up in a fairy tale and a knight found in an oasis!

I lost my filter in my moment of surrender.
I trusted to give me the courage, for the endeavour!
I believed in the forgiveness and patience.
I gave you my twenty seconds of insane courage and all of my
embarrassing bravery, hoping for something great.

I know now that love is not something you should beg for.
It is never to be wondered upon if you are truly emabraced.
Love is something you do not have to hide from or run from.
In love you never feel disregarded, alone, or misplaced.
Love should never want to hurt, be selfish, or wonder off in haste.
Real love is blessed with the most ultimate of faith.

Love is not sex but a pure surrender.
Love is blessed not insane.
Love knows the others pain.
Love is not selfish and unkind.
Love is strong and not filled with pain.
Love is grace!

Does love remain?
Does love abstain?
Does love wane?
Does love sustain?

I wonder right now what love is!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Love is everything!
It is what we are born to give!
Love is what we are meant to believe in.

Love is what we are meant to trust.
Love is a blessing,when we are bold!

It is also what we hide!
It also what we withhold!

Truth be told Love is generous
and makes you whole...


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why would someone misuse the word Love. Why would they say that word and not bother to mean them? No one should say that word, unless there heart means it. You do not say you love someone because your lonely, you sayit because you love them. They say love can move mountains and heal a heart. But love keeps breaking my heart. I let people in who say thatI matter, but in the end I fill up the empty spaces. Is that what happens when you Love, you end up allowingpeople take pieces of you. You give yourself away. Is Love not suppose to open your heart and help you love truer and deeper. Love is suppose to help you trust more and to help you endure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am seduced by thought of you. I remenice at the thoughts of your fingers tips,tracing the lonely crevices of my skin. I am calm and sedate when your arms are wrapped around me. You filled the empty spaces when you used to embrace me. I felt safe when you were with me but unravelled when you were gone. It felt like love , there was passion,but I felt seperateness and distruss. You felt a cage and I felt like I was a boat a float in the ocean. You seemed to feel stifled by me. I want to be enough for you. I wanted to be the girl you shared with your family, in your life. I guess I might be stuck in a fairytale. I wanted more but more always fills me with fear. Love scares me, it always feels like something illucid that will slip
A Sacred Journey I peruse the refuge of all my broken places. I thoroughly examine all that has made me feel rejected. Like a precocious child I examine the moments I gave myself away. I examine the plethora of emotion from my past. The heartache of emotions are overflowing and excavated piece by piece. My journey is to find peace. Lisa

Monday, January 02, 2012

Legends of Hummingbirds They float free of time! They bring ah and amazement. Hummingbirds carry our hopes. They know our hopes for love,joy, and celebration. When one watches a hummingbird they open us to wonder. They help us to open our eyes! We see the world with wonder. Humingbird inspires us to openour hearts to those we love. To the joy of being! Hummingbird teaches us to savor! When it hovers over a beautiful flower,it savors every moment. Teaching us to live in moment and savor it as it passes. Its grace and its beauty reminds us that beauty is everywhere. It brightness boldness reminds us the richness of life. That life is rich in every moment. That our connections have meaning! Our joy and laughter are the sweetest thing.
Karma thoughts for 2012 I am not a person who wants to just take of space! I do not want people in my life,who think I am only soft space to fall. I do not want expect less, or believe that I am not worthy. I want the people in my life,get I have needs too. That I remember to ask for what I need,and realise I am not island. I need to trust in order to attract what is healthy. I need to love myself, practice what I love,and be love to attract love. I have to learn to not be affected, and feel rejected,by peoples reactions. Learn that truth begets truth. That when we trust at our inner being,trust materializes. If there is doubt we create fear, and create distrust. That it you hurt someone before they hurt you or cause they are hurting you, you hurt them and you hurt you. That sometimes you need to trust your intuition, because it tells you the truth. I need to remember that others have fears too and fear can hurt. Also that fear keeps us in the dark, and not the light. That your integrity and word mean everything. That does not mean just to others but yourself. That you have to be grateful for the smalliest things. That life gives us so much to be grateful for even,in adversity. Lisa

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A Beginning It was new! A brighter light streamed through my window. In Peace I was surrounded, assured, and grounded. Heaven sent,a more divine path surmounted. Glorified and joyful, I may move forward. Loved and embraced, even in the solitude. Faith transformed, I am not alone! Lisa
Making your way back

Falling into doubt.
Dissolving into questions.
Insecurity rising to the surface.
Always never knowing.
Self imposed denial
Mislead, or a different interpretation instead.
Fears challenged.
Encompassed in healing.
Growing with love.
A journey to find a way home.

Drunken Buddha

He is lost in their love like, late night lullaby's!
She calls him, breaks him, and berates him.
He sees her glory, her weakness, and his pain.
She uses and abuses, when she is weak and with disdain.
The Buddha she worships only when she is in pain.

The Buddha feels momentarily healed by her moments of worship.
The Buddha surrenders into pain and worship,
drunk on his past love addiction.
Broken and torn, he relives the ride.
The Buddha has conjured a fairly tale of misery,
that will never die.

The Buddha is broken, and living in vain!
A self subscribed sinner,who is filled with loss and pain.

Like in a portal, the Buddha does hide.
Shrinking and surviving, but has put living aside.
Every night he does drain his sorrows,by way
of a pain killer he does prescribe.
He is numb and incoherent, and lonely ole soul.
Fractured and wounded,and feels alone!

He tries to fill his moments of dread,with women instead.
Love from the past, and friend from the future.
If he would only surrender,to his feelings and pain.
The answers he knows would become less distorted.

Challenged and closed,filled with distress.
He has stopped living life with great regret!
Damaged,and cynical, he continues to hide.

The endeavor is plain, and may make you shudder!
His resistance to pain, has become his filter.

His eyes are closed to a future; lost, alone,
and unsure. He escapes once again from his pain,on a
lonely wave of humour and inner terror.

Buddha be blessed and may you find hope in happily ever after, instead!

My Inner Yogi I surrender my will. In every breath I unravel! Guarded and displaced, in such disgrace! In the darkness, I feel a light ready to ignite! My feet rooted, my body in balance. I start to generate, and participate! The stress begins to disintegrate. Strength recharged in every movement. Power restored, body no longer broken. I feel my soul unfold. Like a cherished embrace, my body starts to mold into place! At every form,a beautiful piece of sculpture,unfolds. The beauty is my body, in whatever the form. Lost in the breath and instruction. My mind turned off, I move and bend. Flowing freely, I surrender! Lisa
A story of broken hearts

In pure synchronicity,two precious souls met.
Perhaps God had a hand in this remarkable meeting and intertwining.
From deep soulful words their hearts grew,and filled with passion.
Like a seed, a love was planted.
Surely this love was meant, to heal.

However these two souls came from places where hearts were broken.
Two hearts broken in distrust and fear.
Hearts hidden from the truth built on barriers and excuses.

These hearts still felt they had direction.
There passion created a fairytale, of love and devotion.
With out question their was desire,almost enough to keep them on a chartered course.

However their egos started to create doubt, as egos do!
Each needed to be more!
They created pedestals for one another.
She thought he was only person who saw every part of her with pure acceptance.
He seen her love as devotional filled with pure passion and loyality.
That is when the story did unfold.

The one heart wanted more, each time that heart wanted more, the other heart fled and created doubt in its own fear.
Each time the other heart feared being caged it pushed the other heart away.
The one heart engaged in its own dreams,and the other heart felt disregarded.
What once was enough started to fade by doubt that the love was true.
This love started to look unreal, never knowing what was true.
The truth was hidden because the hearts were hidden,in previous pain.
Hearts meant to be healed in gods loving hand became love grown out ego.

Love is built on acceptance, truth, and trust.
One love is built on loyality on both sides.
Believe that loving hearts have needs, and scars.

One heart became broken, lonely, rejected and felt not enough.
The other heart felt a fading and tried to hold on tight.
But when heart feels lonely and broken it begins to digress.
It strikes out in pain and runs away.

Both hearts break.
Hearts than turn to hurt and than perhaps hate.
With trust all gone,these two hearts seperate.

A missing, a void, heart with hole, one broken heart
finds courage to reach out even though broken and afraid.
They talk, they feel closed and cautious,and both filled
with distrust.
Only in Gods hands through surrender and Love could this love
pull through.
Fear may reign and utter doubt sustain, and backup will be what
is to blame. That damn distrust and seperateness!
Only god knows the way too heal and to build a healthy love that matters.

New Years