Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Journey to Love

They say I was created in love.

Deep inside me,I know the only
true expression of me, is love.

I have discovered love in many

I have been the giver where I
felt spent.

For a moment I thought I was entitled
to all the love.

There were many a relationship that were
brief, where I did not give or receive.

Fear did not allow me to share any parts
of me.
I avoided love; cause love brought

There is a kind love; I long for.
A love so fulfilling it feels like

A love that is based on mutual giving,
and receiving. Filled with respect,
and honesty. With a seductive set of

My life long journey has been
to learn to love and be loved.

I am tempted to settle for;
an any kind of love.
But my soul wins out!
And I continue to search out,
that rare kind of Love.

I am searching for Love
that is filled with pure
light. A love where one
finds what they desire

A love injected with a
splash of passion, generosity,
compassion, and tenacity.

Perhaps it is love unreal
but it is a soulful love.

Like Roots of Tree

I sometimes feel the magnitude
of my roots flowing out the
base of my feet.

Most of the time my roots seem
severed and indistinguishable.

I expect to feel solid but feel

I expect the roots to lead me to you,
to remind me of who you were.

But the roots have entangled and
are a mystery.

If I was to dig and unearth the roots
would I be able to unravel the puzzle?

These roots should be organic and
not misleading.

These roots bind me to a memory
of who I have been.

These very same roots could expedite
who I am meant to be.

I clutch and caress these roots
at the very same time.

In hope of mastering a comprehension,
with some divine intervention.

These roots tempt me and provoke me.

If the roots disappeared, I to would
seize to exist.

So my roots will continue to unravel
paving the way to complex enlightenment.

Karma sage

Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding your soul
I thought I was searching.
Really I was stumbling!
I was on a journey to find
To find the love that I
lost for you.
I have been standing and waiting
for someone to love you.
Waiting for the love I denied you.
I have been waiting for
a kindness from heaven.
A rare revelation with,
an angelic touch.
My salvation is in finding
my love for you.
I will embrace you,and I will
finally love you.
The rain is pounding hard
against the window.
It is remnant to how
life beats us down.
The raindrops are washing
away, like my dreams.
The rain and wind are
swirling and dancing
entertaining rebirth.
The rain is hitting
the roof like an unruly
wake up call.
I am feeling baptized
by the moisture in the air.
The dampness embraces
my fragile longing.
I feel chilled and urning
for a complete love.
The rain is altering me
and exposing me, and amazing me.
The droplets are washing away
my fears.
Their is a mist of hope,transpiring.

karma sage
The wind is blowing me about,
I can hardly breath.
I feel a disarray,I feel
like my spirit could take
I may disappear into the
dark windy night.
I feel alone with the breeze,
it disorganizes my thoughts.
I feel twisted, unraveled,
and fragile.
The wind makes me feel
disorientated and confused.
The wind should make me feel
free and wild.
However it makes me feel like I
am coming apart.
I can not hold on, I feel frayed
and uprooted.
The space between my soul
and my body,is floating away
like cloud.
I can not hold on,I must be
slowly coming undone.
No time to think,everything
is swirling.
I feel like a twister,my thoughts
No freedom, no roots,no containment,
only fragility.

karma sage