Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our tears are like footprints.
They are map to both joy and heartbreak.
They are an expression of relief.
They evaporate when we embrace peace.
The can reveal are pain, shame, and pleasure.

Tears are pure expression of our inner fluid
They leave salty imprints of divinity
and tragedy.
They pave a path of excavation of our pain
and bring clarity to the soul.
When tears errupt they manifest our
pain or pleasure to the outer world.

Whether tears of joy or tears of pain.
We share these tears with the world.
These teardrops pave a path to humanity.

Love Always

Waiting for love is
like waiting for rain in a drought.
We wait for it and it never comes.
If we recognized love we would find
love all around us.
Love is in the air we breathe.
In a smile of a stranger.
In the food we eat, made by loving hands.
You can feel it in the rhythm and words of song.
It can be found in kiss, in sweet words.

Love can be found in all that we touch.
It can be found deeply in all things.
Love is found in nature.
In the peace of a waterfall.
An embrace and comfort of tree.
At the edge of an ocean and its loving rythmic song.
At the top of mountain.
Looking into the valley.

Love can be found in those rare words "I love you."
But love can be found in a friend.
In your favorite pet.
In the beauty of long trip.
In the comfort of your home.
In a beautiful landscape.
Even in a windy day, when we feel free
Within a few kind words.
Under the stars and the from the warmth of sun.
In your faith.
Love surrounds us even when we feel unloved.
Because love always exist.