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Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Love that Remains

I wish I could tire of you,be rid of you.
I no longer want to devour you.
I want comfort from you.
I wanted you to be my home, my santuary.
I wanted your trust, your truth.
I did not want to rescue you only be blesssed by you.

It is strange that in a moment and a breath things become broken.
Fragile ties and blessings denied, and unsweet pain, we try again
Fear and not knowing where you fit or stand, can not with stand.
I guess love is that fragile, or it was never real!
We try to replace with not much grace!
We discard with haste, and no real regard.
Again we become displaced!

You have to wonder what is ever real and what was mistake.
Love one sided is surely to break.
When we never really commit, a broken heart it does make.
A feeling of never being binded and never knowing, is just blind faith.
Falling and capitulating into the deepest oblivion.

I surrender to brokeness, I fall into the inner depths.
I linger in the dream of what it was all meant to be for me.
I shatter that nothing was real, only a hope of what I wanted it to be.
A daydream of my creation, a splender of divination, or some kind of hallucination.
Caught up in a fairy tale and a knight found in an oasis!

I lost my filter in my moment of surrender.
I trusted to give me the courage, for the endeavour!
I believed in the forgiveness and patience.
I gave you my twenty seconds of insane courage and all of my
embarrassing bravery, hoping for something great.

I know now that love is not something you should beg for.
It is never to be wondered upon if you are truly emabraced.
Love is something you do not have to hide from or run from.
In love you never feel disregarded, alone, or misplaced.
Love should never want to hurt, be selfish, or wonder off in haste.
Real love is blessed with the most ultimate of faith.

Love is not sex but a pure surrender.
Love is blessed not insane.
Love knows the others pain.
Love is not selfish and unkind.
Love is strong and not filled with pain.
Love is grace!

Does love remain?
Does love abstain?
Does love wane?
Does love sustain?

I wonder right now what love is!