Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A broken heart.
A damaged relationship.
A broken trust.
A loss of confidence.

A crystal glass.
A porcelain vase.
Fourteen carat gold.
And my love for you.

When I feel your love,
I am at peace.
It is my trust that is
fragile, because my heart
has been so broken.

It has been you that
has taught this fragile
heart,that love
is possible.


Monday, May 24, 2010

A Precious Gift

If I had a
little blue box
I would fill it up,
with a prayer for you.
The prayer would be
filled with peace.
It would help you
live in the moment.

This box would hold a
lifetime filled with
love and acceptance.

This same box would
be filled with passion
and ultimate joy.

In corners of the box
you would find clarity,
trust, honesty, and

The soft tissue paper that
protects these gifts holds
arms of calm.

In this beautiful precious
gift you will find, your
strength, your generosity,
your faith, your grace,and
what your truly grateful for.

In this gift you can unwrap
your creativity, your dreams,
embrace who loves
you and retrieve your greatest

In this precious gift
you will reveal to youself,
the best parts of you.

Karma Sage
A Loss of a Life

I feel a void.
An unexplainable loss.
A disconnect.
A shattered ray of hope!

A life,a death.
A Past,a present.
A stranger dancing in
the mist.

We share a past,no present,
we share blood, and a family tree.
But I am not sure we are family.

In context you were my aunt
who shared my blood. I did not
really know you. You were
mother, a grandmother, an aunt,
a sister, a woman,
a friend, and lover.

You had people who love
you and will miss you.

You had love, faith, pain, burdens,
and cherished memories.

I hope you found peace.
I hope your sacred family
is waiting for you.
Reaching for you.

Today you took hold
of journey, a new hope.
A new world,an adventure
with what came before.

Find your sense of Peace.

A Wonder World

I feel you drifting away.
Where too,I do not know.
I feel your longing.
A longing for something
I do not know.

I want to understand
your aloofness.
Your desire to disappear.

Is it a need to escape!
To find a sense of peace!

Is it Place?
Is it it something new?
Is it a person?
Is it a thing that
enlightens you?

Are you finding your way!
Or are you on soulful

I hope you let me know!
I feel a sense of confusion
A sense of searching.
Are you searching for you?

Are you busy or just resting!
Or is it just a distortion.
I guess you do not want
me to know.

Do you want me to think your
only strong.
Someone who is just happy!
Do you want to portray a
sense of peace.

The things,I wonder
about you.

Karma sage
That Kind of Presence

The remembrance of child's
I feel the sun on my
Look at the diamonds
sparkling in the waterfall.
Wow,look at the northern lights.

I remember the wolf
by the lake on a cliff
it stared right into my eyes
it was like we were one.

That was what it was like
when you were with me,
we were ever present. Like we
were one, like we new each
other forever. You amazed me.
You made me feel ever moment.
We were present in every moment.
A Graceful Presence

I long to feel presence
that a child feels.
To feel the balance in
every moment.
To feel life's grace in
the ordinary.

I am waiting to be the
divine intervention of
my universe.
I want to marvel in
everything that comes
across my path.

I want the amazement one
feels, as you watch in awe,
this is my life.
That ecstasy you feel when you
are truly present.

I want to share it with
one who I adore and amazes
me. In our piece
of spiritual sanctuary.
Within our sense of peace.

That sense of grace you
feel, when you know this is
where you are meant to be.
We come into world trailing
a sense of grace, but it is
at this moment you know
have found grace and know why
you were born into this moment.

Karma sage

He alludes you at every advance.
His plan at every attack is avoidance.
He shelters you from
ever really knowing him.

He must envision himself as mysterious!
He hides under the umbrella
that he is merely human.
You wonder if it's
his own insecurities,
his own frailities that
keeps him away.

You wonder what he is waiting for!
Perhaps for you to escape!
Have you allowed him to trap you?

You wonder if he doubts you.
Does he realize he
is breaking you.
It feels like your being mislead.
Or is he just misunderstood.

You want to capture his love.
You recognize he wants to be untamed.
He appears to want unconvetional.
Have you misunderstood.

Is it the doubt an the distrust
that resides in both us?
That makes are love fade,
or is it time and space.

How much is merely misunderstood.

karma sage
Lost but not Forgotten

I have come undone,
plunged to the ground
without lifeline.
Lost my way again.
No longer feel understood.
I feel that the gods have
tempted me, in order to
untarnish my sense of trust.
They have eluded me with
manufactured desires and
mislead me with temptations
of love.
Where is my faith, where is
my surrender, and
where is joy?
Where is the solid ground?
My roots feel like they are
I feel like I am free falling
into the abyss.
I reach my had out to embrace faith.
Faith moves me into another round
of darkness, but surely I will find solid
ground, or will grow wings and fly.
I will not be tempted by dissatisfaction.
I will embrace faith and not be allured by
an illusion of love.