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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiss of Life

Life can be taken away at
any moment but you can
share life through just
a breath.

In one vulnerable moment
your life can be handed
too someone else. You
have to have faith in
a good Samaritan to
save your life.

In life you never know
what life may bring.

You may have to let a stranger
embrace you with a single breath.

You also may have to be the one
who gives life.

You sometimes have to take
a persons life in your hands
with a kiss in a breath.

Learn how to give Life through
a breath in kiss.


It takes only a breath
to sustain life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Love

A love so unconditional.
Like I never felt before.
You always looked at me,
with genuine amazement.
With a genuine,joy.

I wish,I remembered the
affection and kisses.
I remember the moments,
I wonder if they are real.
They are like snapshots,
that are alive in me.

I feel your energy sometimes
in me. Cursing through my veins,
taking care of me.
I wonder if it is real!
I wonder if it is something
I have just created.
Wishful thinking!

I am my father's daughter strong,
tenacious,and stubborn.
With hidden joy, so immense.
With a restless heart,for some
adventure not captured.
A lust for a life not lived.

I wonder how different I would of
been,if you would of not passed.
I wonder like in fairy tales, who
I would of been.
I wounder how you may,of influenced me!
What lessons and stories you would of shared.

I know you left me with love.
Real,perceived or something I
I know it is an unconditional love,
I search for.
Something not easily found or easily
A trust not easily earned.
So many lessons left untaught.
So many loves not trusted!
So many dreams not lived!
Always searching! Always settling!

An expectation of Pure Love.
A place safe to Love.
A someone who, soulfully embraces who I am.
A longing for someone who understands me,
who wants to know me.

Is it you who is meant to help me
uncover that kind of love!

karma sage
Sweet Surrender

Like the breeze from the ocean,
you uplift me.
Like Love that lingers in the soul,
you embrace me.
Like the freedom one feels driving
down the wide open road,
you free me.
Like the passion one feels creating,
you stimulate me.
Like sweet,sweet music;you engage me.
Like delectable delights, you gratify me.
Like temptation, you tantalize me.
Like a deep exhale,you move away from me.
Like a blazing fire, you warm me.
With a incredible embrace,I forget everything.
With a deep kiss, you melt me.
With Love,you honor me.
Karma sage