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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Path of the Heart has nothing to do with Nostalgia-or with sentimement for these two things hold us back into what should have, what would have, or could been, or what always used to be.
When truth recked your day

There was a man who chose to be positive
above all things.
He said he vowed to be positive
to all that he should meet.
He would see the amazement of his world
no matter what the defeat.
Even when his love felt bad he told her
lets choose to feel only great.
To speak only of the positve.

In this vow he denied her to feel any kind of pain.
He denied her a journey to find peaceful place.
When she spoke about her troubles all he said,
was....Ok!and left her alone instead.
For her truth, was about upset his truly Amazing life.
This ever positive man revealed to his love,
his deep need to let her be.
He did not reveal compassion,
but a loss of love instead.
He would choose his amazing day,and leave
her to cry instead.
He would sooner leave her hanging, and leave her
feeling bad instead.

She never met a positive man who would, not
have chose courage to lend a helping hand.
She had never met a man who lacked compassion,
that he would avoid a very lost soul.
Instead she found a selfish man who would,
choose to stay positive, and would avoid an unhappy
I would sooner be lost and not positive, than to lose all of my compassion.
I want to maintain a graceful place, a place where I can sustain love.
Lost is just place, I want to be in a place of grace, not just in some positive place.

High on a mountian top

On a mountain top an alternate realm exits.
The air is purer and the energy is lighter.
One can see life in a new perspective.
A mountain can untrap you and evoke vision.
It can make you feel like your closer to god.
It can make you believe you are at one with the universe.
A mountain can make you rise up.
It can embrace you.
It can release you.
It can help you find peace.
My Seven Deadly Sins...

I show my pride when I think I can do it
all alone, when I compare
myself with others for what I lack.
Where is my humility for thyself.

I show my greed, when I want my fair share,
and when I forget someone else may need more.
Where is my generosity for myself, the compassion
rather than judgment for myself and others.

I show my envy when I look at others who have love
and more and I think how lucky they are.
My tears flow when I see what they have and
they do not recognize it.
I will seek the love that is patient and kind, and
recognize how I have been loved.

I show my wrath when others hurt me and
they say I can trust them, and than they
hurt me. Instead of being disappointed
I will show kindness. I will try to show them
patience and compassion, instead of wrath.

I will no longer choose lust
that will only suffocate, my soul.
I will seek love, not lust which is
out of proportion with my worth.

I show gluttony when I try to fill
up my soul with food, and pleasure,
instead of love. I will seek out faith
and temperance, to show me the way.

I will no longer accept my internal sloth.
I will not follow and accept these sins.
I will find my zeal in heart to
follow a god's command.
I will seek my spiritual senses and not be
condemned to these sins and slip into complacency.


Hope is something I am searching for.
Something to remind me I am not alone.
I feel lately that,
someone stripped my hope away.
It used to be that through all the
turmoil,I could always find hope.
Lately I feel separated, from my sense
of peace.
I feel let down!
I need someone to remind me that,goodness
Something to remind me that happiness ebbs and flows,
but peace is static.
I pray today my dreams, remind me I am
not alone.
That they transform my ability ,to find my hope.
I cry today,cause I do not know any hope.
I long for faith,something to hang onto.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A souls' fear

I feel Powerless.
I feel shame for how,
I let myself down.
I grieve that I still
choose things that
are less worthy than
what I deserve.
That I choose loves
that are not pure.
That I stay on path
where my heart
is still closed,
to reveal all that
I am meant to be.
I fear that I
will never align
myself well enough,
to find me and the
love that is meant to be.

I know longer want
to let my past hold
me back.
Nor do I want to be
afraid of the future
that waits.
I am finally ready for what life holds
for me.
An observation of love when broken

It is not peaceful to have someone in
your life you can not trust.
Someone who keeps you at bay.
Who envisions themselves as easy going.
However keeps there sense of control by
withholding what scares them,what they find hard,
and the things that make them truly who they are.
I have my own set of fears,insecurities,and challenges
that too sets me apart.
I find it more and more difficult to share myself
with someone who does not share with me.
I tend to want to close down when someone who shares less,
who sets limitations.
You can not make someone trust you, share with you, or believe in you.
You also can not make someone love you who does not want the same things
as you.
To find a love that works you have to share a similar values, you have too want
a similar path, a desire for commitment, and the ability too make them a priority.
I need someone who loves me in the same measures I love them.
Does not gage love on how well I love them,but that they love me simply because I am me.
I need someone understands me and attempts to meet my needs.
Someone who has sense home with me,and does run when things get hard.
Who confronts me head on, and has the sense to know I would be their when the chips fall and the knowledge to actually know what they want and to be brave enough to figure it out.
I need someone who is brave enough to share one love.


Monday, October 11, 2010


I am ready for real love, now.
Where were both brave an not afraid.
A love where we both know what is important.
Where we can share freely with ease.
Where we do not need to hide.
Where we know what the other holds important
and we both do not want to withold.

I do not need tests.
I do not want to have anymore regrets.
I want love, gentle and sweet.
Someone who gets that the time we spend
together is important and that takes work.
That knows that broken promises are
just as bad as lies.
That love has to go beyond a few words on MSN.

That love entails a vulnerability.
That love takes some work, beyond what is.
Love is not hide and seek, and avoidance.

does not include different rules
for one and not the other.

Love is unconditional when were both aligned
on the same path and plain.
When our acceptance and understanding
does not dismiss.
When our touch is somthing we cannot resist.

I do not want love where I wonder anymore.
I do not want a love I have to distrust.
I do not want a love that has limitations.
I do not want a love that is filled with lies.
I do not want a love that is filled with regret.
I need a love that makes sense.

I need love that goes beyond just words.
A love that is pure and peaceful.
A love not unjust.

When Love Falls

I hoped I would paint all
my anger and hurt on the page.
That I would breathe a sense of
peace into my mind.
That I would rediscover the feeling
of love.
All I feel is a sense of loss.

I wanted you to be strong enough
to ask for what you need.
Not to be filled with sense of sarcasm.
I wanted you go beyond testing me.
I just wanted you to want me.

I thought you knew me well enough,
to not want to hurt me.
That you had some sense love for me.
I hope your need to bring up another
was your sense of insecurity.
You could of just asked me if I still
wanted you.
Instead you asked me about someone else,
should I have asked about your unspoken
desire for others or your
roommate you do not trust.

The few minutes we talk you end up
hurting me,by saying I am dishing you.
Instead say what you really mean, instead
of testing me.
Love me, say you miss me.
Ask me for what you need
but do not keep breaking my heart.

Maybe your passion for me is gone.
And all your doing is holding on.
I know if you really loved me, are
love would be strong.

You confuse me how you really feel.
Sometimes love, sometimes friend, and sometimes foe.
I do not feel strong right now, to play any games.
I need someone who is strong, and wants to be there for me.
Who does not want to put me last.
Maybe it would be better just to let me go.

I thought Love would guide my way

I am looking for my inner map
to guide me.
I look in and out
without a doubt, in hope
I will find my way.
I have an inner knowing
that some kind of path exists,
to help me find away.
I thought you were my outer guide
leading me to a place to help me find my way .
To my demise I found you leading
me astray.
I thought your love a beacon, instead
I found storm.
I feel lost and very forlorn.
I am sad and confused, yet still I hold
on to an inner hope that I will find my way.
I hoped your love would be the guide, to
finally open my eyes.
Instead I found someone who appears to want to
hurt me ,in some way.
I wondered why you held on for so long, if you
did not care.
Was it some sorta sweet revenge?
All I wanted was your love
and instead I got someone who was afraid to be mine.
You always knew I needed more and not just a
You lead me to believe a lie.
Now I know why I have lost my way, cause you lead me astray.
A test perhaps?
What is sad that I am not the girls that hurt you...I am just girl
trying to find her way.I allowed myself to believe in love once
Now I know I lost my way, in the belief love would guide my way.
A soul's desire

I wish for a place
that is blessed with balance.
That is always touched with Harmony.
That sanctifies and embraces my
soul with great love and peace.

I used to believe that you would find
this place inside another soul.
That when two souls that collide
as if they are one, is where you would find
peace. However you find reflections of your soul,
its impurities, its triumphs, and its pain.

You realize what you find in your own soul
is what Begin's to really matter.
What you believed you would find in another
soul, a home, will be shattered.
We believe we will find ourselves in another,
but we get lost and find out how much
we do not really matter.

I felt you would treat
my soul with fragile grace.
Instead you mocked my soul
with such disgrace.
I cry sometimes the way you
handled my soul with so much haste.

I was sure you were searching for the
same things as me.
I realize now that I was nothing more
than free.
I really believed you had love for me.
But in the end you just started to exclude
I hoped you would finally really include me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unkind expressions of love

All I see is your shadow now.
It used to be kind of bliss.
Now it is something I somehow miss.
The few moments we talk makes me
somehow feel lost.
I feel like am talking to
to a stranger. It just feels

For some reason you choose
to not see the change.
You do not even care that I
am starting to pull away.
You appear happy that I no
longer ask for what I need.
Can you not feel me slipping away...

You think I am happy living a
I think you think loves means
never wanting and never giving.
The fact, is you think that I never
need anything.
Just makes me sad!
It makes me recognize,my sweet regret.
That I settled for something, and likely
something less.

The fact is you have become just
another man who makes me feel like,
I am something less.
I am filled with your empty words,
and heart felt lust.
You have made me realize today Love
is just a bust.

I bother less,to ever ask.
Cause when I when I do,
you make me feel nothing is true.
It has become such a chore,
to love someone who will never
give me more.
Who will always choose himself or
something else.

It is sad too me that you only
care that I am someone who you can
trust. That I am loyal and untouched.
You have so little care,that
I to need someone too,
who I can trust and would remain untouched.
Are you so devoid of care that
you do not realize your not the only
one who wants real love and trust.

You always want the truth!
However are you really
able to share that with me?
The truth of who you are
suppose to be.

You actually hurt me today!
No matter what you say!
You made me feel like you
never really listen to me.
You would run to whatever is better
or more important that fills your needs,
and leave me hanging.
I am sure that rates at the top list
as one of the expressions of love.

Today you made me wonder what
I should be grateful for.
I thought of the people
who showed me real love.
I wondered today why I could
recognize when real love showed up.
I guess maybe I must be so desperate
for love, that I would settle for man
who is not willing to really love me.

When love feels like a cage

Two men were sitting,speaking
of love transgressing.
I listened in my way,silently observing.
The man speaking, spoke
of feeling trapped.
He told his comrade she always
wants to know where I am at.
At work she calls me, to check how
I am and I silently want,to,condemn.
I feel smothered, he says, she always
wants to be together.
He says we tried therapy,to detain the stress.
However our life is just a mess.
I am tired, I confess.

I think to myself, how does love go so array.
How does a man and woman interpret love so
Love starts out non stop wanting.
Exciting, all hands on.
How does it go so amok and become so very stuck.

I at times when I was in love,
I was that woman who was stuck.
I wanted too know the man I loved.
I wanted to do things together just the same.
The man I loved became untamed.
He wanted less I wanted more, it to became an utter bore.

How does a man stop wanting?
How does woman become trusting?
At first the man loves the wanting,
and than it becomes very daunting.
All the woman wants is some,
affection and attention
she needs to know that her man
will choose her.
In the end he feels smothered and she
ends up being undiscovered.
Love now appears to be unravelling,
he wants something else
and she still is holding on.

I walked away from the men in dismay.
I wondered if he felt the same way?
Did I smother, when I hovered, when I begged
for something more.
Was I selfish, for wanting more?
No I am quite sure I deserved, the more.
I want the man who does not demand a life
completely separate from mine.
Who does not scare when I need a little bit more.
That time shared is not a quest, but just
an important request.
I wonder still how once was desire and love,
becomes something we just detest.

Where do I find You?

You taunt me,
It feels like hot oil on my flesh.
You reticule me, you do not savour me.
I want to embrace you!
I ask you to share,
instead you retreat,
like a turtle to its shell.
I feel you hiding,
and I feel you avoiding.
You some how do not think I know.
When I ask you about who you are
you think I am prying.
You think I should not ask, that I
should not know.
Am I so undeserving?
You think I pressure you,
that I need to know everything.
I just want too know something.
I wonder sometimes why you avoid
intimacy, the real truth.
The truth about why you hide yourself
away like a skeleton in a closet.
How come I do not matter enough, to show
me who you are?
Are we not suppose to take great risks for
the ones we love?
I guess it maybe that we take great risks
only for the people we are in love with
not for the ones we have love for.
All I know for sure is that I am not
sure you have the same kind of love
for me anymore.
I feel you are a meer ghost,haunting
and luring me into your false world of
I want more and yet seem to find less.
My flesh is starting to freeze from
all your coldness.
Your blanket of love has holes, tattered
promises filled with your own fears.