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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Early Morning Solitude

A cup of tea
a peace of mind,
a sense of balance,
and an awesome calm!

Time to be one, with the earth's energy.
Moments of non- altering sound.

Everything heightened,
nothing masked,
a movement to simplicity.

Everything at a its purest beginning.
A deep breath.
A justified sigh of pleasure!
The first embrace of the day!
A new beginning!

Karma Sage

Monday, April 05, 2010


They push away
rather than explain!
They bring up commitment
than they run away.

They ask you something and frankly
you do not know what to say!

They dismiss you!
You come off as angry but your really, just

You wonder , you create , cause they
just can not be upfront!

It appears to you they are leading
you astray!

The behaviour likely has nothing to do with
you!But when they hide...
it feels like they are living a lie.

They seem like they are fleeing,
and trust starts to be denied!

This is theirs not yours , but it gets
dumped on you!

You should not accept it but you do!

Karma sage
Poetic Justice

He tempts and teases,
he unearths your every weakness.
He desires to be your King.
You as his servant,to serve all his desires.
He sentences you to Life; of long distance love.

Love is his ideal, but love comes in
a package; of unrequited love.
His rapture is for women.
One is never enough!

He wants you to beg!
He creates your agony and your sense of rapture.
He makes you come undone!

Were you his challenge?
Now, that you surrendered your love,
will he attempt to run?

He gives you a poetic outlet,
too watch your every move!
Is it his distraction, to elude
making his move!

He tries to keep you hostage,
but you make break. You use
the words against him
to avoid his mistake.

He keeps you unbalanced
unwed of words this
so profound! Words have become absurd!
It is the only course of action, to continue
to unleash the words!

Karma sage
Trust Quotes

Remember,there are no mistakes,only lessons. Love youself.Trust your choices, and everything is possibe.

It takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it.

At will I fall.
At will I gravitate to your love!
Like the theories of gravity,
it remains a mystery.
Is it the force of gravity that
attracts us to one another.
Are we a force of nature?
Could it be that mass of our Love
keeps us circling at distance!
Are we travelling a straight line
waiting to collide?
Or are we on parallel paths,where
two will never meet!
Will we choose to orbit around each
other-- stuck--...or will
the force of love transcibe gravity!


Sunday, April 04, 2010


Trust is filled with a contradiction!

Trust is Leap of faith.
Trust is something we test.
Trust is ruled by the heart.
Trust is what were always
searching for.

Perhaps having someones
trust is more important than
having their love!

Experiences in trust...
Your instincts tell you something
is not right! At the same time your
instincts say trust!
They tell you are the one,the
one they trust!
However can you trust them?
Is it the lies that they tell, or
that you can never believe them?

Is it that trust is diminished by our own
creation-by the illusions we create in others?
Is it that mistrust disintegrates Love!
Than is it so,the best proof for love--trust?

Is it that we are so damaged !
We search for trust
first, before the purity of love.

Trust is found in ...
In the first person who really listens to you!
The first person who really hears you!
The first person who really sees you!
The first person who accepts all of who you are!
The person who wants to care for you, and who
would go the Extra Mile.

Do we surrender trust for Love?
Will we believe anything for love!
Will we justify,,,for a little love?
Will we hold out for hope, that true trust
can not be separate from LOVE!
One can only hope!

Karma sage
Undeniable Love

His every unpredictable mood unhinges you,
His lack of words, unleash your imagination,
The trivial way he dismisses you, tries you!
His promises, is what he denies.... you.

He questions your love for him.
He tests your love,and your loyalty.
He leads your trust away.

He pulls and pushes you away, with words.
He tempts you with commitments.
It is his form of bondage.
He pulls away,when his fear breeds
and he secretly hopes he succeeds.

He rations his love with his fears
and his so-called commitments.
Your trust is based on a fantasy that you hope
would proceed.
He gives you little morsals of his love when he is
come undone.

Confused as I might be!
I still I hold on...
I feel ravaged and unprotected and I feel
sheilded but what I think is love.

Karma sage

How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is your Karma.

When you say "Wait a moment,"you are bound by your own karma;
when you say "Yes I will", you are free.
Follow the 3 RES
respect for others
respect for yourself
responsibility for all our actions.
A long goodbye

I forgot my love today!
It was like we had never met!
Even though their smell was ever familiar,
and their touch consistent.
They were just a stranger to me!

What is this unfamiliar reality I am
living in?
The loves around me are always speaking
a foreign language.
I am always lost, looking for my love, and
a familiar face.

Nothing is familiar, everyone looks so amiss.
There is quite moments ,filled with depression.
There are times when I remember, my
diminished capacity. My confidence disintegrates.

To me it feels I wake up everyday
searching for my love.
Sometimes I cannot remember
what, I am searching for.
I crave for something familiar and yet I
forget what that is.

I feel like I am disappearing!
I feel like I am slipping away....
Everything is fading...
It is a complete illusion!

Karma sage