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Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Love Hides

I realized today in the silence
that I know a coward.

I know a woman who was
filled with fear and distrust.
She took a chance on man who
promised her his love was true.
We click he said, you know it is
She sits wondering today why
she allowed this man to steal her
heart without any guarantees.
She felt the love but today
she wonders if it is about to be set free.
She is tired of waiting till he feels
like he's got it right and
all his dreams appear.
Today she does not know,
where to go from here.
Her fear is leaving and her love is
dying, and she doesn't know if she should reach
out but one last time.

I new a fragile man filled with love
he keeps it inside and in his own solitude,
he loves.
Love he wants, with the deepest trust,
filled with love and desire.
He appears to want something,but forgets
you get what you give.
If you do not give something to trust,
a trust will die when closeness subsides.
He gets caught up in survival and living
out his dreams.
He seems to forget he told a girl they clicked
and it is love and time is what she needs.
He wonders why the girl is drifting away.
He does not seem to know what the girl needs, the
simple need is an invitation to dwell
inside,to see the life he must hide.
This man does not seem to realize she needs to
be invited into his life, the life he will
never allow her to see.

Not one but two cowards were found in the
silence today.

by Lisa