Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peaceful Bliss

Whispers of butterfly wings.
Kisses of succulent sweet tenderness.
Cherished in the midday bliss.
Afternoon dreams of love and sweet grace.
Cherished musical melodies flow softly in my head.
I reach inside my heart and a thin golden thread
begins to mend the hurt deep within.
A prayer releases inside my soul and a choir
begins to sing.
I am filled with love and feel embraced.
A joyful awe starts to transcend.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handful of Love

I have dreamt about a love that would embrace me.
A love that fulfilled me.
A love you did not have peel likes layers.
A love you never had to question because it was never hidden.
A love that bold and true.

I want to trust a love like this.
A person who wants to share a sacred love.
A loving human who loves, but loves you with a deep blessing.
A love never thrown away for something new.
A loving man who really knows how to want me.

I still am waiting for someone who really loves me.
A trusting man who holds true.
Faithful and brave, shows all of who he is.
He shares his fears not just his successes.
He shows his fragility,not just his strength.
He shows how he can love, at lets you in
when life is hard.
He never hides who he is and everything
he does, fills you with Trust.
Everything thing he shares with you,is filled
with handfuls of love.
Something he does especially for you.