Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

A certian kind of light

There is certain angle of light,
that makes everything sparkling an bright.
It makes eyes sparkle and faces resonate.
This light reveals with clarity the beauty; hidden
and not foreseen.
This light, nourishes and unleashes the light from
deep within.
The light reveals your beauty buried deep inside.
This light is like love, and makes your beauty show.
To my amazement, the light makes my love grow.
As the light and love flow, your beauty make me feel whole.


The sun shines on your brilliance.
I see you pushing forth.
With strength and resilience.
Your magnificence unwavering.
Your glory is ready to embrace us.
Your growth is awe inspiring.
I feel the joy as I see you open.
The sun and life's sustenance breathing life into you.
Your deep unguided journey emanates the passion for living.
The power is the will and ability to flourish by the simple will
of a gods love and and the earths sustenance.
With amazement I will see you take your first deep and passionate breath.
Oh joy! There will be! As you you unmask with clarity,your beauty.
A Year Begin's

I was a scavenger in the night,
searching for answers and possibilities.
Something to fill me up!
Looking for the one thing, a solution
to my puzzle.
Something I could not find in someone or something else.

It took me to this moment,this very new year
to realize I am the key to my puzzle.
I feel at this moment, the answer to my
puzzle lives inside of me.
No other has key that fits the very hole,
that has locked up my soul.
I no longer need someone to navigate my
position, my inner compass has come alive.
I feel like I just chartered a flight not
a destination, but my journey is in sight.

I feel a passion erupting inside me,
not for another, but just for me.
I never really had a inner love that was just for me!
I was always waiting to be shattered,
when someone would stop loving me.
The rejection was more than I could bare,
that I would push them away.
Always making bargains that I could
succeed if they just loved me,in the right way.

Now it is me who is in charge of nurturing
an inner love that is done my way.
Maybe now I will be able to accept the love
that comes my way.
I will now take the time to understand with
love and not with fear.

I cherish this new year as it Begin's!
I feel a new beginning, I finally have
have hired a captain to steer my very own ship.
Although this is just an analogy,
I have found the love that,I
was always meant to see.
The love I have for me!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been searching for some peace.
Searching outside myself,to make a lease.
The love I found I knew was dear,
instead I embraced all my fears.
The love I need to erase these fears,
resides deep inside of me.
A selfless love that encompasses, thee.
Sacred in its desire to show me the way.
A self love which is cherished and will help me break free.
Love adorned with sweet purity.
This is when I will truly sustain love with every sense of grace.
Where's Loves Purity

I am very in touch,
with my insecurities with love.
My lack of trust diminished,
each time a button is pressed.
I sense an unveiling; of my unbridled
My expectation of love so high that
it sets up a love for failure!
The gestures of love, tests me,
and tempts me.
This Viral Love creates want and
I blame others for not loving enough,
but this perfect love in my head does
not exist.
It is the love that already
exists that I need,
to embrace!
Let go of my fears, and feel whats there!
I am always been looking for this pure love
and in fact I am the one who needs to ensure
my love is pure.


All I do is hold my breath!
Waiting,wishing,and hoping!
I need you to embrace me!
I need you to forgive me!
You instead push away and avoid
what you do not like.
You want to let things be.
You know that hurts me.
In solitude and not
much grace, I try to
find my place.
I try again to find
my peace.
Love where do I find you?

My hurt is not gone,but I just want
to let go.
I lived in the tears,and inside the pain.
Now I made my way back again.
I feel stronger,yet my pain sneaks back again!
I do not know how you feel,cause all I can hear
is your sarcasm and pain.
You sometimes redicule me and do not believe me.
I wonder if I can ever find the love again.
In you, in someone else, or find it inside me instead.
Everytime you ignore me,I feel my abandonment over and over again.
I know I have caused you hurt and pushed you away.
My lesson I am learning is I to cause pain, when I push people away.
My pain is not greater, or any less minor.
I am searching for love by healing these pains.
I wonder now if love will now find its way.

You are slipping away,
like sand slipping through my fingertips.
You feel like a stranger to me.
You found your glory,and your vulnerability.
I think you may of forgot about me.
I want you to be in your joy
but make a little room for me.
Even in are search through the dark
you still would always find me.
Through difficulties and challenges
you still believed in me.
I need some time,just a little for
me. I see how passion can bleed into
bits of nothing.
All your passion is for succeeding.
I cry for our passion that is leaving.
I thought myself strong,now I am wondering!
I feel fragile and dismissed.
I know you are exhilarated and happy!
But somehow I think you have now abandoned me.