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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where love does reside

I let you go out of Fear.
I made my mistakes with such haste.
I did not believe that love still had its Place!
Love accross the miles can still exist.
When two people believe with pure faith.

A Love that has trust and no fear, can exist seperate,
but never feels alone.

I do not want my fate to be filled with fear of
I want my faith to trust in love.
I want the love where one never feels in lack.
A love that is matched with two full souls.
A love filled with grace and where two souls embraced feel whole.

I know when I believe that I am enough, that a healthy love will follow.
When I do the things I love, I embrace love and fill myself with love,and truly engage in love.

When I surrender and believe love is truth, than love will never be broken.

Love will lead the way and provide.

Lisa New Years 2012
Finding Grace

I have been so lost.
On this journey to find me!
Never been so bold, to just let go.
To be alone.

I have been praying for the gifts.
Looking for a silent power.

However never feeling like I am ever gaining ground.
Feeling like I am losing face.

I have wondered if I lost my faith!
Screaming for my inner guide!
Pleading for the puriest form of grace.

Searching still for the love, that might fill the space.
I think I am losing my safe place.

I wonder if God has made some kind of mistake!
Will I find my place?

Will love find its way back?
I wish it might, to give me faith!
Surrounded in this greater Love.
I hope it is my saving grace!

Lisa New Years Eve

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Love Hides

I realized today in the silence
that I know a coward.

I know a woman who was
filled with fear and distrust.
She took a chance on man who
promised her his love was true.
We click he said, you know it is
She sits wondering today why
she allowed this man to steal her
heart without any guarantees.
She felt the love but today
she wonders if it is about to be set free.
She is tired of waiting till he feels
like he's got it right and
all his dreams appear.
Today she does not know,
where to go from here.
Her fear is leaving and her love is
dying, and she doesn't know if she should reach
out but one last time.

I new a fragile man filled with love
he keeps it inside and in his own solitude,
he loves.
Love he wants, with the deepest trust,
filled with love and desire.
He appears to want something,but forgets
you get what you give.
If you do not give something to trust,
a trust will die when closeness subsides.
He gets caught up in survival and living
out his dreams.
He seems to forget he told a girl they clicked
and it is love and time is what she needs.
He wonders why the girl is drifting away.
He does not seem to know what the girl needs, the
simple need is an invitation to dwell
inside,to see the life he must hide.
This man does not seem to realize she needs to
be invited into his life, the life he will
never allow her to see.

Not one but two cowards were found in the
silence today.

by Lisa

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peaceful Bliss

Whispers of butterfly wings.
Kisses of succulent sweet tenderness.
Cherished in the midday bliss.
Afternoon dreams of love and sweet grace.
Cherished musical melodies flow softly in my head.
I reach inside my heart and a thin golden thread
begins to mend the hurt deep within.
A prayer releases inside my soul and a choir
begins to sing.
I am filled with love and feel embraced.
A joyful awe starts to transcend.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handful of Love

I have dreamt about a love that would embrace me.
A love that fulfilled me.
A love you did not have peel likes layers.
A love you never had to question because it was never hidden.
A love that bold and true.

I want to trust a love like this.
A person who wants to share a sacred love.
A loving human who loves, but loves you with a deep blessing.
A love never thrown away for something new.
A loving man who really knows how to want me.

I still am waiting for someone who really loves me.
A trusting man who holds true.
Faithful and brave, shows all of who he is.
He shares his fears not just his successes.
He shows his fragility,not just his strength.
He shows how he can love, at lets you in
when life is hard.
He never hides who he is and everything
he does, fills you with Trust.
Everything thing he shares with you,is filled
with handfuls of love.
Something he does especially for you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I feel like a Love Test Dummy

I try to open my heart, and feel my way.
I know not what love is.
Broken and torin apart by loves broken people.
People who pledge their love is real.
But you know the deal they are broken and do not know how to feel.

They are afraid and do not know how open their hearts.
Like you they have a broken heart because their love has always been taken apart.
They asked for what they need from the one they loved instead they never heard a word they said.

How can you ask someone to just love you when you already know they do.
How can you question their trust for you when you, your trust barely fades through.

Love is where you will find me.
Alone, crashed and burnt.

I keep thinking of Love and that I will find you.
Someone who listens to what I need and will follow through.
Love is suppose to make you a better person, not empty and afraid.

So help me find my away, loved and crash free.

Beautiful Day

A day when someone truly sees your worth.
Who values your time as much as their own.
Who gets how you feel.
Who never uses you to fill up their emptiness.
All those promises one makes, are actually filled with truth.
That you do not merely use others to fill your needs.
That you know how to give someone your total attention,because you know their importance.
That your capable to feel someones pain and hurt,and you can lend the some of your love.
That your able to hear what someone needs and you have the love to give them that.
That is the beauty of a day when you see someone elses worth.
Finally when you know your own worth.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why don"t You Trust Me

You ask me why I do not just love you.
I simply do,just tired of being last on your list.
In the same breath you ask me why I cannot trust you.
Who expects you to understand,when I always accept can't or your tempting words.
How does a girl trust man who wants to spend his time alone without you.
Who when he has bit money to afford a trip it is not too see you.
Who only wants to spend time sharing his words with you on a computer.
He thinks he spoils you with an odd phone call.
Who plays games to invoke you.
Every time you ask him something he rarely comes through.
So you really think this how you show someone to trust you?
How does girl believe you want her, cause you forget to show her.
He never asks you into his world,and when he asks he knows you will decline cause he knows your not trusting.
God only knows who I share you with,cause everyone needs to share themselves with someone.
Did you forget Love is not just something you decide you do but actually is verb that takes over.
Can you honestly ask me now why I do not trust you?
You have set the tone for how you want me to trust you!
So that is what I have been doing, just loving you, even though you do not trust me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Unravelling into the power of me

The reddish auburn glow, I was now about to face.
The place where my deep desires are rooted.
I need to began to unravel the passion inside me.
I am trying to embrace the uncertainty.
I am holding my hands open to all the change and new possibilities.
I want to be alive and let things unfold.
My fears need to be put on hold.
I want to open to all that has been waiting.
I do not want to wait till things are perfect.
I want to live in truth.
Submerged in my reckless abandon.
Merged into flawless bravery, ready to be renewed.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost in the feeling

I feel like a salvage boat adrift in the water.
Neglected, unkempt, like somebody forgot to love me.
I feel like that diamond in the rough.
The diamond that no one found because the shine
was not quite brilliant enough.
I feel like the apple tree that everyone wanted to
cut down because it was rot with disease.
Even though the tree, bared fruit, when it healed again.
I feel like the abandoned house, that still adorns
precious pictures, clothing, and pots left on the burner.
The memories still breathe even though,
the people are only lonely ghosts.
I feel like scorched forest,paralyzed with no breath.
A spark and burning ember,still lives amongst the roots,ready to ignite.
I am the clear cut forest damaged with severed roots,
lifeless and broken.
Mere stumps left where the glorious lush freedom once lived.
The palate or greens,with musty freshness, now just a distant memory.
I feel like the hot sun which has lost its protective layer and causes damage
to everything it lovingly touches.
I feel like a Porcupine that everyone keeps its distance from, because the fear
of being pierced.
I feel like the person asleep alone on the street, misunderstood,abandoned,and invisible.
I feel like the mentally tortured; lost, disdained, feared,and fragile.
I feel like every woman that man does not value,who uses and mistreats.
I am the one never chosen with loving hand, cherished embrace, and thoughtful gesture.
I am the one that no one makes a sacrifice for,
whose grace is not observed.
I am the one who never gets the second look and always merely second best.
I am frayed, my beauty hidden, underneath I am adorned with a spiritual glowing light.
I am fragile,longing, and hoping to no longer be alone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

To some;today is the day cupid died.
The day when unlovable feelings,
can wash over you like a waterfall.
A day that can make you feel alone.
It is day measured by commercial love.
It is day that can be filled with pressure
to show your devotion and to be loved.

I have realized that everyday needs
to be an expression of love.
I chose a variety of people and shared
letters of love with my thoughts and words.

I loved myself with flowers and self-nurturing
A long luxurious shower smelly scrubs and brushes.
Conditioner for my locks.
Rose oil smoothed gently upon my face.
Lotions slathered head to toe.
Manicured my fingers and toes with clear shiny polish.
Followed by lemon tea and chocolate.
It was like I was preparing for a lover; to be loved.

However the truth,be known I had been loved
in the morning with call of love. Loved all day
with nurturing and self care.
Received flowers of
friendship with much surprise.
A pale pink rose anchored by deep white,
accompanied by pink rose anchored with hot pink.
With the sweetest smell and freshness of rose.
Ending the day with sweet words from someone
who loves me everyday...
I asked if he had chocolate today and he said are my chocolate.
What can I say am lovingly blissed right out with smile on my face because I have been well loved.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


In a mist I see your dark figure lingering.
I can feel your eyes penetrating and watching my every move.
I can feel you making mental notes of the way I do things in every detail.
I wonder if it is judgment, admiration, or amazement,when you watch so intently.
Do you hold each detail like loving memory.
Are these memories like landmarks on a map, so you can find me?

I wonder sometimes where you hold me inside!
Sometimes I feel you inside my soul.
Other times I feel you letting go.
I feel our inner damage in sync at times, are fears are where we divide.
When were together I feel the synchronicity of our passion pulsating deep inside.

I fear that you will never choose to have me near you.
I think at times you would sooner be alone in your freedom.
I wonder if your restraint is from fear of pain, or your waiting.
I do not always understand you notions of love.
Love for you is freedom.
Love for me is bent, in the reflection of sharing
and caring.

I sometimes think you, believe, my love is caging.
I sometimes think your freedom, is damaging.
This is where we meet,we fear our love will compete.
Our individual love creates a sense of insecurity, that depletes.
It is strange that you think I put you in cage, and I think you have built a cage to
keep me away.

Will either us find our divine love or will our love just fade!

Love's Confusion

A quiet avoidance.
A test of someones will.
Searching for the magitude of true desire.
Your unholy vow.
A dogma of Love.
Servitude and pleasure.
Chemistry and willingness.
Divine ambition for sensuality.
Partnering with breathless impatience.
Your aspiration to torment.
Never wanting to give in or relent.
Loving Me

I have been searching for some kind of excitement.
A prince that rides me off into the sunset.
A glorious reunion with a lover that was meant to be mine.
Instead I find a myself all alone.
I had hope and the remnants of someone who chooses to be absent.
I do not want fragments of soul, who wants to leave me all alone.
I thought the excitement, the chase, and anticipation was pure desire.
I found only a liquid desire, that slips through my fingers.
I have a million fears one is invested in never believing that I could be brave and share every part of me.
I thought I finally found a kindred spirit who wanted to disappear into a paradise not for just a moment,safe,intertwined with rapture.
I wanted lazy days filled with love not stolen moments filled with lust.
I wanted you to have the same kind of longing that I have for you.
A longing that created action and risk,also filled with surprises and bliss.
Instead I found someone digging his heals into his own internal bliss.
I do not want a love who creates desire in promises and than retreats.
I want a gentleman who is surprised with his desire and does not hold back.
Glazed with precious glory,I thought you would not dismiss,but hold me with a kiss.
Six months with many promises and much neglect you have taunted me with hopes of one more kiss.
You ask me not to worry,but beguile me with stories that create jealousy.
I need you to finally share your inner regret.
You would rather not share sweet words aloud but hide behind the written word that can become very blurred.
Every where you go you will be haunted by your own fears,
the limtations you create will finally preciptate.
Finally the love I hold will, finally, be put on hold.
So please be bold, and never put your love on hold.
Love me, cherish me, pursue me with value, and show me how love can unfold!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unchained in a melody
I am again all alone.
Lost in love.
The love affair once again,
is just inside of my head.
I have longed for love, and
begged god to find a love for me that is true.
Instead a god was told to teach me,
to find a hidden love deep inside my soul.
God gives us all a love, that is never meant to die.
I wanted to find that too,inside another, soul to soul.
Instead a rhythmic beat began to explode.
A melodic journey cascaded deep within my soul.
My soul began to feel less alone,a journey of one became love untold.
Love inside permeated every pore, I no longer needed anything more.
Where love resides

I have been waiting,what seems a liftime.
Months and months,this is for sure.
Wanting your love.
Your love for me however,is guilded
in friendship or perhaps not clear.
I hoped are love was not filled with fear.
I did not know this love was only my desire.
That my deep wanting would scare you away and keep you at bay.
I keep hoping you would find your way.

I am exhausted from trusting that are love would grow.
A love that showed and would simply flow.
My wishing was full blown,into my own fairytale.
I trusted you were my prince, and not a toad.
I had high hopes that that you would glow!
I was tempted and tantalized by your every move.
You are sweet and silky smooth playing me like the rhythm, on a drum.
Your palms and fingertips tracing every beat upon my heart.
I shudder inside at the thought of your lips touching mine.

I know if I wait,I will be waiting forever all alone because you will never concede
that your love resides for me.
I have lost the battle with your heart, always losing to one more of your dreams.
Your dreams are bigger than any love you have for me.
I guess I realized now that I have loved another, more than the love I had for me.
I wanted you think of me right alongside your every dream.
I wanted you to engage me into your life,no longer just on the outskirts where were always in a fight.
One last time I beg you let me inside,instead of continuing to tantilize me and tease me, just let me be.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Precious Moment

I felt safe in its embracing arms.
Each outreached arm provided a canopy of precious warmth.
I had shelter and place to feel calm.
It was womb or perhaps a cavern.
It had ethereal quality.
It provided a precious vision,
of reflective blue green crystal waters.
I finally felt home.
Pure peace and as the breeze breathed through.
I felt indulged with love
I felt a soul reflecting,awe!
Love unspecified

In a memory,love is where I fall.
It is like distance dream and unreal.
A place where I once felt safe.
Where I never had to ligate.
Love embracing and reassuring.
A place to lay my head,from worry.
A place where love did not dissipate.
This is a place where love is precious.
There is no confusion,and there is no need for reason.
Love was the only season.


Saturday, January 01, 2011

A certian kind of light

There is certain angle of light,
that makes everything sparkling an bright.
It makes eyes sparkle and faces resonate.
This light reveals with clarity the beauty; hidden
and not foreseen.
This light, nourishes and unleashes the light from
deep within.
The light reveals your beauty buried deep inside.
This light is like love, and makes your beauty show.
To my amazement, the light makes my love grow.
As the light and love flow, your beauty make me feel whole.


The sun shines on your brilliance.
I see you pushing forth.
With strength and resilience.
Your magnificence unwavering.
Your glory is ready to embrace us.
Your growth is awe inspiring.
I feel the joy as I see you open.
The sun and life's sustenance breathing life into you.
Your deep unguided journey emanates the passion for living.
The power is the will and ability to flourish by the simple will
of a gods love and and the earths sustenance.
With amazement I will see you take your first deep and passionate breath.
Oh joy! There will be! As you you unmask with clarity,your beauty.
A Year Begin's

I was a scavenger in the night,
searching for answers and possibilities.
Something to fill me up!
Looking for the one thing, a solution
to my puzzle.
Something I could not find in someone or something else.

It took me to this moment,this very new year
to realize I am the key to my puzzle.
I feel at this moment, the answer to my
puzzle lives inside of me.
No other has key that fits the very hole,
that has locked up my soul.
I no longer need someone to navigate my
position, my inner compass has come alive.
I feel like I just chartered a flight not
a destination, but my journey is in sight.

I feel a passion erupting inside me,
not for another, but just for me.
I never really had a inner love that was just for me!
I was always waiting to be shattered,
when someone would stop loving me.
The rejection was more than I could bare,
that I would push them away.
Always making bargains that I could
succeed if they just loved me,in the right way.

Now it is me who is in charge of nurturing
an inner love that is done my way.
Maybe now I will be able to accept the love
that comes my way.
I will now take the time to understand with
love and not with fear.

I cherish this new year as it Begin's!
I feel a new beginning, I finally have
have hired a captain to steer my very own ship.
Although this is just an analogy,
I have found the love that,I
was always meant to see.
The love I have for me!