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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where love does reside

I let you go out of Fear.
I made my mistakes with such haste.
I did not believe that love still had its Place!
Love accross the miles can still exist.
When two people believe with pure faith.

A Love that has trust and no fear, can exist seperate,
but never feels alone.

I do not want my fate to be filled with fear of
I want my faith to trust in love.
I want the love where one never feels in lack.
A love that is matched with two full souls.
A love filled with grace and where two souls embraced feel whole.

I know when I believe that I am enough, that a healthy love will follow.
When I do the things I love, I embrace love and fill myself with love,and truly engage in love.

When I surrender and believe love is truth, than love will never be broken.

Love will lead the way and provide.

Lisa New Years 2012
Finding Grace

I have been so lost.
On this journey to find me!
Never been so bold, to just let go.
To be alone.

I have been praying for the gifts.
Looking for a silent power.

However never feeling like I am ever gaining ground.
Feeling like I am losing face.

I have wondered if I lost my faith!
Screaming for my inner guide!
Pleading for the puriest form of grace.

Searching still for the love, that might fill the space.
I think I am losing my safe place.

I wonder if God has made some kind of mistake!
Will I find my place?

Will love find its way back?
I wish it might, to give me faith!
Surrounded in this greater Love.
I hope it is my saving grace!

Lisa New Years Eve