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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Choosing a Life on the Fringe

If I could,I would live on the fringe.
I would be brave,and would
not worry about fitting in!
I would allow myself to be adorned
with whimsical and fanciful embellishments.
I would strive to be unconventional.
I would embrace my outer limits!
I would loosen all my constraints!
I would be clothed with adjectives
such as; eccentric, off-beat,and unusual.
My voice would be strong and poetic,
and filled with a creative allure.
I would be edgy,and I would excavate
my wild imagination.
I would grace myself with the freedom,
and remove all my restraints.
I would decorate myself with tantalizing
I would delve into my emotions and share them
part by part.
I would be brave and be the scene-stealer.
I would attempt to be avant-garde and alternative.
I would choose to live my life out loud!
I would no longer choose a life,
which is self-contained.