Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unchained in a melody
I am again all alone.
Lost in love.
The love affair once again,
is just inside of my head.
I have longed for love, and
begged god to find a love for me that is true.
Instead a god was told to teach me,
to find a hidden love deep inside my soul.
God gives us all a love, that is never meant to die.
I wanted to find that too,inside another, soul to soul.
Instead a rhythmic beat began to explode.
A melodic journey cascaded deep within my soul.
My soul began to feel less alone,a journey of one became love untold.
Love inside permeated every pore, I no longer needed anything more.
Where love resides

I have been waiting,what seems a liftime.
Months and months,this is for sure.
Wanting your love.
Your love for me however,is guilded
in friendship or perhaps not clear.
I hoped are love was not filled with fear.
I did not know this love was only my desire.
That my deep wanting would scare you away and keep you at bay.
I keep hoping you would find your way.

I am exhausted from trusting that are love would grow.
A love that showed and would simply flow.
My wishing was full blown,into my own fairytale.
I trusted you were my prince, and not a toad.
I had high hopes that that you would glow!
I was tempted and tantalized by your every move.
You are sweet and silky smooth playing me like the rhythm, on a drum.
Your palms and fingertips tracing every beat upon my heart.
I shudder inside at the thought of your lips touching mine.

I know if I wait,I will be waiting forever all alone because you will never concede
that your love resides for me.
I have lost the battle with your heart, always losing to one more of your dreams.
Your dreams are bigger than any love you have for me.
I guess I realized now that I have loved another, more than the love I had for me.
I wanted you think of me right alongside your every dream.
I wanted you to engage me into your life,no longer just on the outskirts where were always in a fight.
One last time I beg you let me inside,instead of continuing to tantilize me and tease me, just let me be.