Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am seduced by thought of you. I remenice at the thoughts of your fingers tips,tracing the lonely crevices of my skin. I am calm and sedate when your arms are wrapped around me. You filled the empty spaces when you used to embrace me. I felt safe when you were with me but unravelled when you were gone. It felt like love , there was passion,but I felt seperateness and distruss. You felt a cage and I felt like I was a boat a float in the ocean. You seemed to feel stifled by me. I want to be enough for you. I wanted to be the girl you shared with your family, in your life. I guess I might be stuck in a fairytale. I wanted more but more always fills me with fear. Love scares me, it always feels like something illucid that will slip
A Sacred Journey I peruse the refuge of all my broken places. I thoroughly examine all that has made me feel rejected. Like a precocious child I examine the moments I gave myself away. I examine the plethora of emotion from my past. The heartache of emotions are overflowing and excavated piece by piece. My journey is to find peace. Lisa