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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Rare Love... is waiting.

There is a sacred child in this
world that is your responsibility.

An innocent spirit that is yours
to nurture.

Their care is your journey to embrace.

They are the children with unimaginable strength,
incredible courage, and undefinable hope.

They are the children alone in this
world facing incredible odds.

Every person who thinks they are not parent,has
a potential child waiting for them,wishing for them,
and needing love.

Karma sage
Wise Woman

I have feral quality ,
that pulses through me.
At times I am unaware of
of this strength.

When things become difficult
this quality breathes deep
inside me.
Even when people you love,
let you down; rob you
and relinquish their love.
This is when you are
to your inner power.

So strong,so loving,
so determined, and so embracing.
A love that can only be marketed
by your soul and all knowing higher

A Love; filled with clarity, a wisdom
unclaimed, with trusting capability
that is undeniable.

This ferocious force assists you in
recognising the most precious parts
of yourself, the parts not recognised
or revealed to others at first sight.

Although this gift is not apparent
everyday it is like a burning ember,
that remains when a fire is extinguished.

It pulsates and breathes an undying will
that is ever present. Filled with a deep
intuitive nature, a reminder of your innate
qualities, and blessed being.

It carries with you a deja vu of who
you really are and who you are capable
of being.


Monday, April 19, 2010


If I was brave!
I would by a ticket to Africa
and drum to the rhythm night.
If I was brave!
I would sing out all that is in my heart.
If I was brave!
I would take an adventure alone
to reveal my own soul.
If I was brave!
I would embrace all that I love.
If I was brave!
I would sky dive!
If I was brave I would reclaim my dreams!
If I was brave I would live more
for me.
If I was brave!
I would not wait to share these things.
I would just live for me!

Karma sage

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A self fulfilling prophecy

He is Lost!
He can not find you!
He can not reach you
cause you see your own pain!

You want to love him!
You lose your patience
in his confusion.
You misinterpret
his pandemonium as rejection.

You are holding your breath
cause your waiting for him
to hurt you!

You want him to express himself
but you have deaf ears, and things
get lost in translation.

LoVe is like a labyrinth
trying to connect and find
their way to the center.

kArmA Sage

An explosion of hurt.
A bruised heart.
A combustion of hateful words.

A desire to wound a spirit.
An erruption of frustation.
A momentary loss of love.

A sharing of the burden of hurt.
Misunderstandings gone wrong.
Reverberation of rejection.
A lack of comunication.

A thunderous attack.
A retalilation.
A loss a patience.
Attack and retreat.

A momentary loss of sanity.
A rejection for compassion.
The refusal to embrace love!

Karma Sage
Small Embraces

A phone call from a friend.
A great memory from the past.
The sun on your face on a warm sunny day.
A great song on the radio.

The love from a furry friend
Strawberries and cream.
Laughing till you burst.
The smell of fresh cut grass.

A dream of someone you love.
The smell of fresh coffee in the morning.
A smile from a stranger.
A small accomplishment.

A moment of pure bliss.
A reminder that life can be joyful.
A suprise from someone far away.
Moment of calm in turmoil.

A piece of quiet in nature.
A connection you feel to someone who has drifted away.
A loss of fear.
Words of wisdom from above.

All these are small embraces
that remind you that you are loved from above.