Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Life found Liberation

Here is your menu, of what life offers!
I find appetizers, to tantalize my dreams.
I find a list of main courses,
of what I should expect.
A list of deserts,to sanctify my fantasies.
A list of liquors to, tempt the faiths.
A list of sides,to help me escape.

What I really find is a menu filled with
massive tests and so called illumination!

The dreams are filled with fears and punctuations.
The main courses have limitations
and are found to be filled with stagnation.
The deserts are there to fill the voids and expectations.
The liquors drown are degradation and heart palpitations.
The sides are meant to fill empty gratification!

Oh, I hope for some form, of jubilation!
My capitulation is too my faith!
A gods love may be my only affirmation.
I feel the constant ache of deprivation.
My only hope is my own form of demystification!

I ordain my continuation through pure innovation!
Have I always chose my subject to be alienation?
In my reaction I conclude my own annihilation!
Should it be that I provide my own adoration!

It may be through this initiation that I discover a loving collaboration.
Through the excavation of tests and taunts, I reveal a rationalization through my own exploitation.

For the Love of Bodhi Tree

Under the Bodhi tree,
I met thee!
The sacred one,who would guide me.
While I was under the sanctified tree,
I began to explore me.
With great gratitude,I began to
excavate who I was meant to be.
When I felt lost,I prayed to thee.

When I did not hear your answer,I gazed
at the bodhi tree; with deep appreciation.

Each time I embraced the tree, a great
euphoria came over me.
The Bodhi tree became a canopy
of love, which encompassed me.
I thought I could trust thee.
I learnt instead to trust the tree!
This tree amazed me and became home for me.
I thought I would find sanctity in thee.
Instead I found it in a bodhi tree!
I thought thee, was disappointing me!
Instead thee,was teaching me through
the wisdom of tree.
Thee showed me, I could find all the love
I need in tree!
Just like I could find all the love I need,
inside of me!
Because thee is inside me.
So just like you can find love in a Bodhi Tree,
thee can make love reside in me!