Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Intoxicating like velvet smooth vodka.
Luscious and soothing like melted chocolate.
You lavish words of love!
You trace your fingers tips around my heart.
My tears fall when you embrace me.
Like a soft cloud, you catch my fall.

Your longing to lose yourself in my love.
You dream of the desire waiting inside me.
You thrive on the love that beats threw my veins.
You want to escape and align yourself in my subtle power.
You see a soul that reflects a passion you desire.

Each stroke latent with passion.
Each moment is like ecstasy.
You push deeper to find me to help me break free.
When you penetrate inside me my juices explode.
You cut through layers of pain and savour my soul.

You have been waiting for my ego to fall away.
Waiting so shallow and certain that I might expand my ways.
Your fantasies of me sharing another, presses you to push further, in your way.
You savour my juices and in fondness, you pray!
You know I will succumb to your passion and find my way.

You undress my fears and pleasure,and you trace your fingers in praise.
You savour my lips and devour my mouth in hope that I will play.
Devout I let you push deep inside with my legs opened wide.
With lust and devotion, an orgasm slips in the way.

With callous adoration you dive deep within.
You look in my eyes and and watch every move,hoping to capture my every view.
You savour my ways; and deep and loving devotion.
You hold me close and we both find our way.
With great revelry I loved you.
With great trust,I revealed my soul.
With vulnerability and tender rage my passion flowed.
With little restrain and open arms I fell in.

I thought you tender and guild-ed with gold.
A creation of my making,something I longed for deep inside my soul.
Like tender Burgundy blooms, my heart ravished you.
Quiet passion evoked ,a lasting tenderness and a burning rage.
My wounded heart thought, finally love, had blessed me.
Pure and intense desire, I thought I triumphed majestically.
Sanctified in desire,a holy mystery, I dove in passionately.
I wanted you to be the love I desired, instead you broke me,and
you underestimated the love I felt inside me.
A raging pain,divulging an unholy emptiness and breaking me.

Magnifying something I created, and love I thought would never end.
In you I trusted,I thought you would embrace me in the end.
In my solitude, with faith and un-abandoned tears,I start to find the
courage to release all my fears.
No longer will I let you evoke my anger,and I will let my heart find another.
In passion and in shame, I surrender, and I believe I will find love again.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Love me like you used too...

Your losing a part of me.
Piece by piece, I am falling away.
Each time you test me.
I start to fade away.
Like silk on a body, I am slipping away.
Your love is bent and distorted.
Like a soft melody.

Love is not meant to hurt or break you.
Love is meant to encompass you.
Love is place where you want to fall.
Where if your broken, you mend.

I thought love was simple.
Strong, bold, and invincible!
Love is not meant to be stained with tears and broken by fears.
Love should not shame you.
It should be tender and pure.
Contained with unleashed wildness where you surrender of all your pent up tears.
Fears melt away, like snow on a mountain.
Love is meant to wrap you up, and embrace you.
Tender and mild, it helps to sustain you.
Like a deep breath, and holy exhale.
Love tends to you and whispers with sweet caresses.
Like a Map,it helps you find your way.