Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Passion embraced

Your breath is like sweet whispers of love.
Your caress is like being sun kissed by the sun.
Your intensity like a full moon.
Your pleasure like a rainbow.
Your desire is like watching lightening.
Your loyalty like swaying tree.
Your honesty like bubbling brook.
Your strength like waves in the ocean.
Your words are like footprints.
Your weaknesses are like drops of blood.
Your Pain is like raging waves.
Your openness is like a wounded bird.
Your love uncaged.

Falling out of Ecstasy
I thought our passion so pure.
So deep so undeniable.
Like water flowing through a water fall.
Are breath, our touch so in sync.
My desire, my wanting,so overwhelming.
Both pleasurable and daunting.
My desire to be close,delusional.
My hope to be together, void.
My pushing terrifying and frustrating.
Your avoidance and secrecy painful.
Respect eroding.
Love unraveling.
A future never to be told.

With the passion I have for you.
I replaced fear with peace.
I replaced rejection with love.
I replaced sadness with joy.
I replaced anger with forgiveness.
I replaced misinterpretations with patience.
I replaced desire with calm.
I replaced challenge with persistance.
I replaced power with respect.
Love is so fragile.
Words so harsh.
Beauty so simple.
Blessings so abundant.
Expectations so daunting.
Caring so critical.
Understanding so underrated.
Communication so misinterpreted.
Affection so undeniable.
Kindness so important.
Patience so pure.
Rejection so haunting.
Forgiveness so healing.
Respectis pure acceptance.

My wish for you today is peace.
Peace from you fears,
Peace from your confusion,
Peace from the stress I cause.
Peace from your obligations.
Peace of someone who loves you.
Peace that only god can give.

A path way to your inner strength.
Wisdom to carry you through.
Sweet delightful dreams.
Sweet silence.

I send you patience.
I send you positive energy.
I send acceptance and Love.
Have sweet and peaceful day.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Kissed by Lightening

Your touch was electrifying.
It felt like finally being home.

You came into my life like a raging storm.
You are like pure friction,unveiling my love.

I thought you seen me.
Your love felt warmer than the sun.

I thought your love was pure.
I felt sincerity and purity.
Not selfishness and disregard.
I felt love with no fear.

I see past your fear.
I see the generous love
you so desire, to give.
I feel the love you want to
I feel how my love tempts you,
from your depths of distrust.
I feel your breath and your real
I know you feel you are speaking
your truth,
if you prayed to your god you would
discover another.

Lightening is powerful and natural energy,
not unlike Love, dangerous and devouring.
I guess when you fall in love with a lightening,
you will end up alone!

This is what it is to be loved by lightening
a need to be adorned by many and not just one!

A Peace in Heartbreak

I shared a moment,
a holy moment.
Of undefinable passion.
It was filled with wild
abandon, yet a deep sincerity.
It was nothing like I felt before.
It was not an air of lust,
its breath was filled with love.
I did not feel any impurity,I felt pure grace.

I thought the love was of decadence and purity.
I thought I found a true love.
I thought I finally found that true radiance and brilliance.
of rare love.
Instead I found a history of fear, of desire, of disgrace,
and refuge of pain of time gone past.

I felt disgrace in myself in falling.
I felt disjointed in believing something so untrue.
I felt tortured for not hearing and believing who you told me you were.
I have beat myself for loving you.
I thought myself filled with pure and utter ignorance.
In my true ache , I found a truth, I fell for that sacred part of you.
That part of you you do not show everyone,the deep spiritual essence of who you are meant to be.

I cry for the hope
that you were brave.
I cry for the hope
of what I believed was wrong.
My tears stream down and my heart
breaks for something you will never
let be.

A cry for total acceptance
in pain, in lust, and in fear.
I wish are love could be brave and true.
A Love I know is real and pure.