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Monday, May 17, 2010

A wild women's search
for Love

When you are in love with
wild woman you are in love with
twin souls. The wild woman
has an outer answer and inner
answer,that you must always

She looks for a mate with blind
eyes. She feels your compassion,your
devotion, your loyalty, your insight ,your kindness,
your ability to be concerned for her and your
ability to care for yourself.

She embraces you because of your ability
to learn and your capability to be curious
about how things work. She knows you can open and close.

She needs a mate who is capable of being strong
yet sensitive. Your strength is like a tree unbending
and flexible. You are capable of sensitivity,and have ability
too see around you and you are awakened.

She is in search for one who feels pain when she hurts them
and shows it and has ability to be sorry when they hurt her.
She does not want someone who gives up on her and shows no emotion.
You have ability to feel pain and see pain.

She needs someone who has an inner life,
who has love for something. A passion
and creative life.

She wants someone who shares values and she wants
to create memories good and bad. She needs to
share something deep an meaningful with you.

She wants someone who has similar values and a need
for roots and wants to share that. She wants alleviate
friction and have the pragmatics.

She needs someone with compassion and who can listen and
share communally in conversation. Someone who wants discover
an internal harmony together.

She wants someone who can laugh at themselves and assists
her to see the humour in herself. Who knows how to stop and
argument in mid sentence.

She wants a partnership which can over look faults and withstand
differences and quirks.

She needs a person who is her friend and lover.
A person who does not separate the two but integrates
love and friendship into one.

She must choose a person who makes her life bigger
not smaller.

This is the love a wild woman is looking for.
a love that is strong and true.

Karma sage

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paradise found in a Greenhouse

It is a sanctity of green.
There is breeze of liquid life
pulsating in the air.

I am surrounded by layers
of unlimited energy.
There are moist droplets of
sunshine lingering in the air.
It feels like the cool mist
generated by a waterfall,coolly
misting your face.

There is visual symphony
of breathtaking shades of green.
Vibrant notes of island colours
splashing a visual canvas.

The vision is like poetry, in motion.
It captivates your every sense.
I am engulfed with its beauty and purity.
It is literally a rainbow of greens created
by god. With delicate bright blooms that evoke
angel wings and fairy dust. Small and majestic
miracles surround me.

Each piece of foilage is like masterpiece.
The breathtaking shades of green paint
an exhilatering sensation of peace.
The vibrant blooms electrify a sensual
release of joy.

It is like the soulful moment at the
first light of dawn.
It is like being baptised in ocean waves.
It is the exhileration one feels when
they experience love for the first time.

I am energized by the peace and purity.
I am transported to paradise.

It seems we can never give up longing and wishing while were thoroughly alive. There are things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them. George Elliot
Love is that enevitable state that knows know envy or vanity,only empathy to be greater than onself.
Some people never say the words " I love You". It's not their style to be so bold. Some people never say those words" I love you" cause like a child they are longing to be told. unknowen
My feelings for you shame me into silence.
The truth of this and your name will never be revealed.
It is you who has made me realize the failure of my life.
The thought of you feels me with longing at the same time
a burning humiliation, that produces scar tissue and dead brain cells.
Your existence mocks me and I am unable to confront this.
You have know idea of any of this. None of this is your fault it is completely with me.
It is you who makes me see what I really am.
I am weak and out of touch with myself.
Henry Rollins
There is immense painful longing for a broader, fuller, more coherent,more comprehensive of what we humans are,who we are and what life is for. Saul Bellow
Longing for me...

I thought I knew who I was.

Only to discover I was lost.

I got lost in someone else.

I forgot about me.

I let them fill me up with
their importance.

I however forgot the
importance of

I let them become a kind
of everything, and than
I woke up and could not find me.

They nurtured and would not let go
when I did not trust.

They probed and tested.

They challenged.

They manipulated and tried to mold
like a piece a clay.

They often interrogated me.

Are they just a mirror reflection of me?

An outer voice to remind me who I am meant
to really be.

Who really knows who they are meant to be to me.

All I know is I am reminded of who I am to me!

Karma sage

I long to be held with a pure heart.
To be cherished by a rare soul
whose fingertips trace my scars
with care.

I long for the person who embraces
my bruised heart with the fragility
of soft whispering feathers.

I long for a person to hold me
like the water molecules,during a hot bath.
Not unlike,their touch upon my skin, and when
heat of their touch lingers.

I long for the natural way I feel when I
curve against their body.
Like smooth silk,and soft embers.
Like a soft buzz of electrical harmony.

I long for their aroma,their cool
clean breeze of musk and emotion.
The aroma of passion and purity.

I long for their exploration of
my body , mind, and spirit. I
long for my moments of exploration
of their every being.

I long for memories that remind us
of what were capable to be.

I long to show my love, get lost in love.

Longing For...

Were all longing for something.
Generally we do not know what it is!
Usually it is something intangible.
Maybe something we wish existed.

I long for someone who,
does not,appear to exist.
A Person who is there for me
and I can be there for them.
A Person who is not afraid to
show all of who they are.
A person who does not hide
and retreat.

I long for a heart that knows mine.
I long for a hear that trusts.
I long for something simple, not filled
with games.

I thought I found it, but moments when I
need to be loved lately they tell me nothing.
I tell them I miss them , they say
Maybe it is I am only hearing the times
when they do not say anything rather than
when they do.

This Person keeps you off balance one moment
they tell you are soul mates.
Next moment your a friend and they love you.
Sometimes they ask, can it not be both.

I will admit to not trusting love.
I will admit to being stubborn to love.
I will admit to making mistakes in love.
I will admit to confusion when it comes to love.
I will admit to not understanding the way some people love.

I admit that when I love you
I am loyal, I would be the person you
could count on to be there for you.
What concerns you matters to me.
When I love you, I love with all my heart.

When you hurt my core,I will stop loving.
I will not tolerate being unloved,
used, or abused.
I will not tolerate empty words or promises
that never materialize.

I can admit to being unloving,and stubborn.
Usually it is times when I feel unloved by
When you know what is needed and you

We all are preoccupied
with jobs, business and dreams;
and take for granted matters
the of our heart.
We forget that when our world
turns upside down,we will find
whose hearts we nurtured with care.
Those who we did not,may not be there.

Longing comes to exist when you
stop recognizing what you have
and when you start losing your
yourself and love.