Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why don"t You Trust Me

You ask me why I do not just love you.
I simply do,just tired of being last on your list.
In the same breath you ask me why I cannot trust you.
Who expects you to understand,when I always accept can't or your tempting words.
How does a girl trust man who wants to spend his time alone without you.
Who when he has bit money to afford a trip it is not too see you.
Who only wants to spend time sharing his words with you on a computer.
He thinks he spoils you with an odd phone call.
Who plays games to invoke you.
Every time you ask him something he rarely comes through.
So you really think this how you show someone to trust you?
How does girl believe you want her, cause you forget to show her.
He never asks you into his world,and when he asks he knows you will decline cause he knows your not trusting.
God only knows who I share you with,cause everyone needs to share themselves with someone.
Did you forget Love is not just something you decide you do but actually is verb that takes over.
Can you honestly ask me now why I do not trust you?
You have set the tone for how you want me to trust you!
So that is what I have been doing, just loving you, even though you do not trust me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Unravelling into the power of me

The reddish auburn glow, I was now about to face.
The place where my deep desires are rooted.
I need to began to unravel the passion inside me.
I am trying to embrace the uncertainty.
I am holding my hands open to all the change and new possibilities.
I want to be alive and let things unfold.
My fears need to be put on hold.
I want to open to all that has been waiting.
I do not want to wait till things are perfect.
I want to live in truth.
Submerged in my reckless abandon.
Merged into flawless bravery, ready to be renewed.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost in the feeling

I feel like a salvage boat adrift in the water.
Neglected, unkempt, like somebody forgot to love me.
I feel like that diamond in the rough.
The diamond that no one found because the shine
was not quite brilliant enough.
I feel like the apple tree that everyone wanted to
cut down because it was rot with disease.
Even though the tree, bared fruit, when it healed again.
I feel like the abandoned house, that still adorns
precious pictures, clothing, and pots left on the burner.
The memories still breathe even though,
the people are only lonely ghosts.
I feel like scorched forest,paralyzed with no breath.
A spark and burning ember,still lives amongst the roots,ready to ignite.
I am the clear cut forest damaged with severed roots,
lifeless and broken.
Mere stumps left where the glorious lush freedom once lived.
The palate or greens,with musty freshness, now just a distant memory.
I feel like the hot sun which has lost its protective layer and causes damage
to everything it lovingly touches.
I feel like a Porcupine that everyone keeps its distance from, because the fear
of being pierced.
I feel like the person asleep alone on the street, misunderstood,abandoned,and invisible.
I feel like the mentally tortured; lost, disdained, feared,and fragile.
I feel like every woman that man does not value,who uses and mistreats.
I am the one never chosen with loving hand, cherished embrace, and thoughtful gesture.
I am the one that no one makes a sacrifice for,
whose grace is not observed.
I am the one who never gets the second look and always merely second best.
I am frayed, my beauty hidden, underneath I am adorned with a spiritual glowing light.
I am fragile,longing, and hoping to no longer be alone.