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Monday, February 14, 2011

To some;today is the day cupid died.
The day when unlovable feelings,
can wash over you like a waterfall.
A day that can make you feel alone.
It is day measured by commercial love.
It is day that can be filled with pressure
to show your devotion and to be loved.

I have realized that everyday needs
to be an expression of love.
I chose a variety of people and shared
letters of love with my thoughts and words.

I loved myself with flowers and self-nurturing
A long luxurious shower smelly scrubs and brushes.
Conditioner for my locks.
Rose oil smoothed gently upon my face.
Lotions slathered head to toe.
Manicured my fingers and toes with clear shiny polish.
Followed by lemon tea and chocolate.
It was like I was preparing for a lover; to be loved.

However the truth,be known I had been loved
in the morning with call of love. Loved all day
with nurturing and self care.
Received flowers of
friendship with much surprise.
A pale pink rose anchored by deep white,
accompanied by pink rose anchored with hot pink.
With the sweetest smell and freshness of rose.
Ending the day with sweet words from someone
who loves me everyday...
I asked if he had chocolate today and he said are my chocolate.
What can I say am lovingly blissed right out with smile on my face because I have been well loved.