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Monday, August 09, 2010

When a fish tale imitates life

A youthful man bought a Plant. That,
he named Mr.
Mr. was something to take care of and too
sing too. To provide peace and oxygen.
Something to come home too.

Youthful man added a fish to his home and called him Benjamin.
Benjamin was someone to talk too, too care for,
a fish in gilded cage.
Alone and free in his space.

Benjamin spent many a day munching and keeping
his cagey home free and clear of debris.
Benjamin lived day to day committed to living
his fishy life.

Than one day the youthful man brought home a
fish friend for Benjamin and called it perhaps.... Franklin.
Franklin was hot stuff!

Benjamin was aloof, nervous, confused, why youthful man
had moved a fish into his bottom feeding home.
He had too now share space was youthful man's desire too
have more.

Benjamin wondered how he could share his fishy world with
this fish named

How would he share his gilded bowl with another?
He would no longer get all his master's attention.
Benjamin wondered if he held no fascination, for the youthful man!

Youthful man could not bare the thought his new found friend
had no one too splash around with. A Franklin would be perfect
company for Benjamin's,fish boredom. Benjamin Franklin could swim,
eat,and watch Mr.grow.

Like fairy tales have tricksters, morals and layers...this fish tale does
too. Each detail unravels a piece and part of youthful man's tale, a tale that imitates life.