Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Brilliant Day

The horizon holds an awesome
golden haze.
With bright burnt splashes of
sunflower yellow.
A deep blue sky peeks through
the sunbursts of iridescence gold.
The trees above are like a triumphant
blanket of comfort.
The majestic glittering play of light;
peaks through the canopy
like stars at night.
I think this could be a small piece
of heaven.
A breathtaking exhaling of natures true
A moment of glorious beauty!
Like a gods palm reaching down
and emptying peace upon a storm.

Karma Sage
The Pureness of the Ordinary

Sometimes we hide
in hope of disappearing.
We drift into a pool
of pain.
We numb ourselves in the
so-called delectables' of life.
We try to fill up the pain
with empty moments of emotions.

We search for the adventure that
life promises.
We seek out love in prophets, and
promises of others.
We are tempted and tantalized
by the possibilities that life
holds more.
We constantly hope for more.
We dream of more.

When the more does not
materialize, we start
to disappear.
And the merry-go-round

It is hard to recognize
the beauty in the ordinary.
The sanctity in the purity
of peace.

The love that is possible from
sitting under a tree, and being embraced
and held by its roots.
The elevation one feels
from the shelter
from its branches and leaves,
it is like blanket of hope.

Love, richness,and
abundance can be found
truly in the ordinary.
The more can be lost in
the search of adventure
and unrequited passion.

Karma Sage