Limetree Garden: Where mysteries unfold.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


In a mist I see your dark figure lingering.
I can feel your eyes penetrating and watching my every move.
I can feel you making mental notes of the way I do things in every detail.
I wonder if it is judgment, admiration, or amazement,when you watch so intently.
Do you hold each detail like loving memory.
Are these memories like landmarks on a map, so you can find me?

I wonder sometimes where you hold me inside!
Sometimes I feel you inside my soul.
Other times I feel you letting go.
I feel our inner damage in sync at times, are fears are where we divide.
When were together I feel the synchronicity of our passion pulsating deep inside.

I fear that you will never choose to have me near you.
I think at times you would sooner be alone in your freedom.
I wonder if your restraint is from fear of pain, or your waiting.
I do not always understand you notions of love.
Love for you is freedom.
Love for me is bent, in the reflection of sharing
and caring.

I sometimes think you, believe, my love is caging.
I sometimes think your freedom, is damaging.
This is where we meet,we fear our love will compete.
Our individual love creates a sense of insecurity, that depletes.
It is strange that you think I put you in cage, and I think you have built a cage to
keep me away.

Will either us find our divine love or will our love just fade!

Love's Confusion

A quiet avoidance.
A test of someones will.
Searching for the magitude of true desire.
Your unholy vow.
A dogma of Love.
Servitude and pleasure.
Chemistry and willingness.
Divine ambition for sensuality.
Partnering with breathless impatience.
Your aspiration to torment.
Never wanting to give in or relent.
Loving Me

I have been searching for some kind of excitement.
A prince that rides me off into the sunset.
A glorious reunion with a lover that was meant to be mine.
Instead I find a myself all alone.
I had hope and the remnants of someone who chooses to be absent.
I do not want fragments of soul, who wants to leave me all alone.
I thought the excitement, the chase, and anticipation was pure desire.
I found only a liquid desire, that slips through my fingers.
I have a million fears one is invested in never believing that I could be brave and share every part of me.
I thought I finally found a kindred spirit who wanted to disappear into a paradise not for just a moment,safe,intertwined with rapture.
I wanted lazy days filled with love not stolen moments filled with lust.
I wanted you to have the same kind of longing that I have for you.
A longing that created action and risk,also filled with surprises and bliss.
Instead I found someone digging his heals into his own internal bliss.
I do not want a love who creates desire in promises and than retreats.
I want a gentleman who is surprised with his desire and does not hold back.
Glazed with precious glory,I thought you would not dismiss,but hold me with a kiss.
Six months with many promises and much neglect you have taunted me with hopes of one more kiss.
You ask me not to worry,but beguile me with stories that create jealousy.
I need you to finally share your inner regret.
You would rather not share sweet words aloud but hide behind the written word that can become very blurred.
Every where you go you will be haunted by your own fears,
the limtations you create will finally preciptate.
Finally the love I hold will, finally, be put on hold.
So please be bold, and never put your love on hold.
Love me, cherish me, pursue me with value, and show me how love can unfold!