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Friday, April 02, 2010

" The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched,...but felt with the heart." Helen Keller
"There is wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life--happiness,freedom,and peace of mind,--are always attained by giving them to someone else."

Peyton Conway March
Loved Before

Would they understand that he moves me?
That he gives me a new foresight!
Would they believe he loves me?
Would they say finally!

Do they understand that he touches me!
That he reaches into my inner depths
and sees me!
Do they still follow me, protect me
and guide me?
Did their love teach me?

Would they embrace him?
Would they still overprotect me?
Would they say hey, this man really
loves you!

Or would say he can not be trusted?
I would wonder...
If they had any faith in me?
If they really ever loved me!
If they ever believed in me !
If they ever thought I was enough for somebody!

They each said they loved me!
Do you think they trust me?
Would they help me, would they try
to save me , would they show me!
Hopefully they would be happy for Me!

Karma sage
Tree Love
You are to me, like roots are to a tree.

You ground and balance me, cause you
accept me.
You help me flourish!
You sustain me!
You feed my growth, and
nurture my creativity!

Your words of encouragement,
are like buds in the spring.

Your love is like, the green leaves in
summer; lush and green.

Your acceptance is like, the
vivid colors of fall leaves.

Your undying love is is like, the
roots of tree that sustain life till spring.

Karma sage
A Blessing
Like young leaves,
are love breathes!
In strength unforeseen!

Like water flows to a stem
to unwilt leaves.
It is like the exhilaration of
your touch upon my skin.

It is like the exchange of breath
during a deep kiss.
Just like my green eyes see
into your soul.

Just like water breathes life
into wilted leaves.
Your love soothes me,
with quiet ease.

Karma sage

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fears that come undone

I did not think I would find my heart here again;
open, natural,and untamed.
I thought a broken heart could not mend.
I thought the sadness would encompass me
I thought my fear would rule me!

To my surprise I let my fear dissipate...slow but sure.
I let someone look inside and pull at my heart strings.
I let them embrace my soul...for moment!
And to my dismay,
I let out the passion... from inside!

He challenged me.
He tested me.
He swayed me.
He eluded me.
He stripped away parts of me.

Like sculptured clay his fears
began to fall away...each time I pulled away.
As I tried to run he would speed ahead.
When I wanted to let go he held on.

He was holding on to his own set of fears.
His own packages of distrust.
He held that love could not come from one.
Never really getting close ... only ..almost!

Like living mirrors,
reflections of each others fears,
a love transpired... with it
came a deep desire!

Stripped naked and exposed
a familiar trust arose.
A karmic click!
A dual surrender...of untamed
hearts, that will not come apart.
This is what happens when fears,
finally come undone.

karma sage